finding joy in 9 steps

How do I find exuberance in daily existence? Sometimes life gets so serious, that I forget what brings me joy. This week’s blog prompts from Mama’s Losin’ It are chiefly holiday related, which does not bring me joy. finding joy

humbug you say?

For the record, I am not a grouch! True, I am totally exhausted from working so hard during the season, but it is for such a short while, that I can do it and rest later. Also true that I don’t celebrate Christmas and wince every time I hear another version of Last Christmas (I’m shivering right now!!) Just in case you haven’t heard it in the last five minutes, I thought I would include the vid.

enough with the negative vibe already!

OK. Now that I have had my rant, I can move on. If the holidays don’t bring me joy, what does? Overall, I’m a pretty happy person and like to think that I’m fairly easy to please. Well, at least if you are a mind-reader, you can amuse me.

Focusing on the negative brings me down. It’s kinda like Favorite Things from Sound of Music when Maria comforts the children during a storm. The whole raindrops on roses thing seems silly to me but the point is to observe small pleasures and build from there.

Taking a cue from Maria, I wanted to list the top 9 things that make me smile. If you are lucky(?) maybe I will sing the list while dancing in my jammies in the rain. STOP LAUGHING! It could happen

delight abounds in the simplest things

  1. a hearty laugh
  2. a book or movie that makes me cry
  3. singing along to a song on the radio
  4. feeling a breeze in my face while riding my bike
  5. drinking coffee or tea with a friend for hours at Starbucks
  6. waking up snuggling with someone I love
  7. taking pics on my iPhone then using an app to make it unique
  8. sitting on the couch watching Food Network while eating popcorn
  9. making a positive difference to someone else

now I’m all touchy-feely mushy inside

The funny thing is that although I am an emotionally driven being, I don’t like being all sentimental fake sweetness. I’m not ooey-gooey and just the thought makes me want to barf. I guess that is the sarcastic side coming out.

What nine things bring you joy? They might be huge like diamonds (always best when huge) or miniscule like winking. Maybe it’s a mix of both. Search your mind and heart to create your own list. I practically guarantee (if you don’t get the urge to barf) you will feel uplifted.

Then, share your list with me, your friends on Facebook, your family or coworkers. Ask them what their list is. See how far you can pay this forward. Remember my #9 is making a difference to someone else. Now it’s your turn.

10 thoughts on “finding joy in 9 steps

  1. Kristen Simsek says:

    I recently read “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. It was awesome. You should check it out. or follow her on twitter. Hope you are well and enjoying the holiday season without finals!


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