feeling guilty about nothing

It’s Sunday night and I am writing this post from bed. Nothing really unusual as it’s ridiculously cold outside and my bed is cozy and warm. I lounged in my jammies all day (see attached pic) and had no intention of showering or getting dressed to leave the house.

enjoying a jammie jam

so what is the big deal?

The trouble is, I have been in bed almost all day, save doing 4 loads of laundry, cooking (well heating up old pizza) for Sam and picking up the kitchen. Neither Sam nor I had anything pressing so he played PS3 most of the day while I watched the entire second season of Breaking Bad on Netflix (thanks Andy for getting me hooked on that one).

Talk about unproductive! Reno saw a high of about 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 for those of you in the rest of the world that prefer Celsius).  I considered skiing with Sam for a whole 5 seconds as I imagined turning into a human Popsicle on the chairlift. Walking the dog (almost no fur) was also a no-go.

The Spinbike is sitting untouched for the past few days in my fortress of solitude. It would have meant, changing out of jammie pants and into bike shorts and shoes. After riding I would get all sweaty and be forced to shower. This would make a serious dent in my lazy jammie jam. Too much effort.

I have a big vacation planned the end of February, so I don’t want to spend money needlessly. Unless it’s for food or other needed supplies, shopping needs to wait for another time.  Wow! You know it’s serious when I don’t try to justify shopping .

why feel guilty?

Why do I feel the intense need to be productive? Am I living up to the world’s expectations while sipping on a hot mug of detox tea in bed while watching 13 episodes of Breaking Bad? Should jammie jam’s be confined to when I am sick? Does anyone even care if I am up or in bed? The questions and the guilt keep rolling out effortlessly.

Meals consisted chiefly of chocolate chip cookie dough until I finally decided to ditch the remainder in the trash. Do the calories count when I sneak the stolen cookie dough into bed while no one is looking?  After expending very little energy today, I casually munched a salad for dinner and headed back to bed (shocker I know) to write.

It is getting late and will soon be time for sleep. Tomorrow I must awake at 6:00am in order to shower, do my hair, get Sam up and moving, etc. The time for jammie jams is almost gone. There are still 2 seasons of Breaking Bad for me to catch up on. Dare I watch one more episode before falling asleep?

Do you feel guilty when you accomplish nothing? Do you luxuriate regularly in your jammies, while postponing the inevitable chores? After all, the laundry can’t do itself and will have to wait for the next episode to end.  Share your thoughts and stories about your most memorable jammie jam.

6 thoughts on “feeling guilty about nothing

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Miriam, how funny – my One Word post this week is about…nothing! Great minds, huh? Different spin, though. There is nothing quite like a stay in your pajamas day…kind of hoping we might get one tomorrow along with the snow!

    Getting to your question, though, we feel guilty because we are programmed by society to feel that way – especially women, I think. People in general are expected to be busy. But women, if seems, have this extra helping of expectation. Almost like society is taunting us. “So you want to have a career and be a mother and maybe (insert whatever else) as well? OK, then PROVE you can do it all and don’t you dare miss even one beat of the dance.” Look around…we all do it. Every one of us. Until we decide that we’ve just had enough and sit one out – be it a jammie jam, a mental health day, an intentional vacation, actual physical illness, whatever.

    But then we feel guilty because it is what we are programmed to do. I say stop the insanity. Stay in your jammies if you want and do it guilt free. 😉


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Definitely let’s stop the insanity. Sometimes in our quest to do everything, we lose ourselves completely. Having a jammie jam is a great stress-reliever. It’s kinda like giving the world the finger.


  2. Rogier Noort says:

    Ha.., I love the term Jammie Jam. And I think you did quite a lot during that day.
    I also feel somewhat guilty at times, especially when I know something needs to be done. This is not society, but me putting on the pressure. It’s not exactly guild, it’s more a feeling of being unfulfilled.
    I do believe humans are build to be busy, having a jammie jam is a very modern world luxury. Society, in turn, lays on the guild.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Rogier, I agree with the whole modern luxury angle. It did feel quite decadent to be all cozy in bed eating nothing but chocolate chip cookie dough. I get the same feeling when going to a day spa. Never thought of it that way. Thanks for stopping by. M


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