the glamorous life

What entertains you? Do you prefer simple, quiet isolation, or a jam-packed glamorous life? Teetering on the edge, I try to find balance between the two. I’m perfectly content lounging in my fortress of solitude, tapping on the laptop, or playing supermodel (don’t laugh) with my dear friend and fab photographer Cate Vail.

feeling rosy in the Shady Shack

another enchanting adventure  with Cate

Adventures with Cate are always a blast. Since becoming great friends, I swam in a pool as a mermaid tail and ungracefully tripped dancing onstage wearing a zebra princess costume, We traveled to Las Vegas to attend a Donny and Marie show, showed up downtown wearing our tails and many more countless exploits

Having more portraits taken in the past year than ever before, I channeled my inner vamp, goddess, mermaid, sex vixen. Our latest escapade included a boudoir portrait session. Realizing I am not 20 or supermodel thin, I saw no treason why I shouldn’t scamper about in negligees in front of the camera.

It is not about perfection, but embracing my own brand of beauty. After having makeup applied (with falsies too!) hair  tousled, curled and teased into a bed head do, I once again transformed into a glamor queen diva, rosy, angel zebra princess mermaid (phew).

who’s it for anyway?

I am not doing this to get rich by selling my sassy pics on the internet. I am not subjecting myself to the camera in order to please a man. I am not doing this to prove anything at all. This is for me.

As an extroverted exhibitionist, i don’t really care who sees these pics. They are a gift to myself and anyone else who cares to view them. There is something innately satisfying about posing while covered in rose petals and wearing a coral lace bra and panty set.

tag. you’re it!

How comfortable are you with your body and soul? It is not necessary (although it is a lot of fun) to strip down, bearing it all for the world to see. What makes you feel glamorous? Considering it is almost Valentine’s day, why not take advantage and make yourself a valentine?

Mim and angel Cate, take on the town

2 thoughts on “the glamorous life

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      It was a red sofa that I was laying on. My friend pulled the petals off a dozen roses and scattered them all over me. The lighting was amazing too. I can’t wait for the next shady shack photo shoot coming in Feb.


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