red in the face

Blush: A physiologic reaction involving dilation of the blood vessels near the surface of the skin, causing a red color. Often caused by embarrassment or shame.
He blushed when he realized everyone was staring at him.

What makes you red in the face? Do you blush easily? Sometimes I get embarrassed, but I rarely if ever glow crimson. Is that normal?

here’s the whole inner monologue thing again

Being known for saying whatever is on my mind has its perks. What would you give to be able to shut out your inner monologue just for one day and say anything that rolls off your tongue? Don’t worry about being appropriate or politically correct. How many people do you think might blush as a result of what you said?

Trouble commences when I feel the urge to hold back. Sleeping becomes erratic as I obsess over a situation that should have passed already. Bloodshot rimmed eyes peek from behind sunglasses in an attempt to mask my frustration. The “what if’s” and “woulda shoulda’s” spin out of control.

Maybe it is not for anyone’s direct benefit (except mine) to share so freely. After all, I’m fairly sure you don’t all hold your breath waiting for my unsolicited opinion. Maybe if I could blush, I would think twice about what was said.

how about turning red from spicy food?

As far as I’m concerned,  crazy spicy food doesn’t count. Heat is not the same as shame or embarrassment. More than showing it on my face, I simply want to run screaming through the hall and douse my tongue with water. Even after creating a scene, I would probably still not blush though I can’t speak for anyone else at the table.

Unless you are going to rub cayenne pepper on my face, I doubt it will turn pink. On second thought, forget I ever suggested that one. I can’t imagine being swathed in pepper.  Yuck!

go ahead and try

I dare you (ooohhh! don’t you just love a dare?) to attempt to make me turn red in the face. I’m pretty uninhibited and love a good challenge. I dress and go out as a mermaid for crying out loud! Mimi the Lobster Queen is scarlet enough without the aid of a florid complexion.

This post has been inspired by the color red. Thank you, as always, Mama Kat for the creative prompt.

8 thoughts on “red in the face

  1. Mama Melch says:

    I hardly ever blush or get embarrassed, but I thought that was just because I’m a say-what-I-mean kind of girl too. Good on you for being such an amazing outgoing confident soul.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Let’s hear it for those of us who hold nothing back!! Life is too short to be embarrassed in the corner. Embrace it, and own every flaw to be truly free. Thanks for stopping by. M


  2. Larks (@LarksNotesThis) says:

    I blush very easily. I chalk it up to skin tone rather than embarassment, though. At the first twinge of uncomfortableness I turn beat red. ::: sigh :::

    You sound tough as nails! I’m not good at embarassing even normal-level self conscious people so I’m not even gonna try!


  3. ElizOF says:

    Ugh Miriam! Do you need this nightmarish captcha!!? If you moderate all your comments, you wont have to worry about spam… This thing is a comment deterrent. I can barely read it. Anyway, my last comment got deleted when I submitted it. I love your red post but please lose the captcha. 🙂 Thank you!
    PS. This is my third try – #3


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Lisa, it seems we have a lot in common. Sometimes the words trickle out before I think. I do embarrass my kids from time to time but it takes a lot to make me red. Never considered ADHD though. Hmm


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