flowers, a box of chocolates and other Valentine’s bullshit

Is it already time for my favorite ooey-gooey lovey-dove (barf) holiday? It is the only time of year when I crave those nasty little conversation hearts that taste like chalk. What is it about Valentine’s day that makes me want to scarf down an entire box of chocolate anyway?

v-day chocolate hugs and kisses

call me ms. sentimental

I know it sounds bitter (and I may be, at that) but all the sentimental crap that comes with Valentine’s day makes me cringe. Remembering a shoe box decorated with doilies and pink construction paper, hoping to fill it with crappy valentines was sad. Always saving the ugly valentines for the boys I didn’t like. Begrudgingly, I would forgo eating some of the candy hearts, placing them instead n the flimsy envelope along with the impersonal note.

Hey, it was another excuse for a classroom party. Cupcakes, red-hots, candy hearts and cookies beat doing schoolwork hands down. At the end of the day, I would take home the shoebox, fish out any stray candy (do I detect a theme here?) and toss out the valentines. Did anyone actually save the valentines? Just wondering.

valentine’s day = bridal bliss

Skipping abruptly from childhood to my days in the bridal biz, Valentines day meant something else altogether. By February, the industry is in full swing with Spring and Summer weddings. After X-mas, Valentine’s day was a biggie for getting engaged. What a perfect time to bestow a huge rock (hopefully) to your favorite girl.

How original and romantic? My reaction is the same in that I tend to question the authenticity of the gesture. Perhaps my attitude would be different if I ever received such a gift, I am sure that I would not turn down diamonds for any reason.

cut the crap already

Why wait until Valentine’s day to tell/show someone that you love her? Terms of endearment should not be saved for once a year. Handing out a box of Sees candy, although delicious, does not make me love you more. It is little things that matter most.

An adoring glance or gentle touch of the arm can send shivers down my spine more than a candy heart that reads “do me.” Flowers wilt and die. Chocolate is eaten and I am made fatter for it. Talk to me and let me into your world instead of feeding me sugar. This is what I crave from a valentine.

6 thoughts on “flowers, a box of chocolates and other Valentine’s bullshit

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      V-day is a big revenue earner for some big ticket items for sure. What makes V-day special for you? (curious and maybe I can give my husband some hints). Thanks for stopping by. M


  1. Andie says:

    I agree we should always shower love on everyone. And the red hearts and cheap lingerie get a bit old. But my husband needs an annual reminder to step it up! 😉


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Good point Andie! Mine hardly ever gives me gifts at all. So I think a house falling on him as a reminder should work. Thanks for stopping by.


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