objet de l’affection

Dear Coach watermelon cross-body bag (aka sweetie),

Supple leather, bright sunshiny countenance, and chic fashion adorns you. I have spent countless days and nights contemplating my sweetie. Ogling from across a crowded room, I knew you would be mine.

Visions of whisking you across oceans to a land far away. I imagine sweetie hanging casually against my shoulder as we walk the boulevards. Tangled in a tight embrace, we travel the globe.

As the object of my affection, I shamelessly carry you everywhere. Sweetie, you are in my heart and dreams. In the haste of a remorseful moment, I nearly caved in and returned from whence you came. In the end, I could not say goodbye to you. Your vibrant flash reels me in and I am a sucker for such attention.

In less than two weeks time, we depart together forming a lasting bond throughout. Carefully placing you near me at all times, my sweetie will undoubtedly guard all I hold valuable. Inhaling deeply, I am gently reassured that bringing you to England is the right decision.

Je t’aime objet de l’affection. Sweetie xoxox

“Write a love letter to the object of your affection” one of this week’s writing prompts from Mama’s Losin’ it.

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