time for a little spring cleaning

not quite ready for spring

It is still winter. Snow sits atop the Sierra Nevada’s (my personal winter playground) and it is not quite time to put away my cozy jackets. However, with the weather warming up this past weekend, I was gently reminded about spring cleaning.

what, what, what??

You heard me right. The un-domestic goddess is feeling the cleaning bug. How is this possible? I have a reputation to uphold as a high-maintenance, vamp, mermaid, angel, zebra princess (did I leave anything out?).

I began emptying my room of random boxes on the floor near my bed. I really don’t know why I left them for so long. Usually when I start nesting it is because I watch an episode of Hoarders. There is something traumatizing about regarding someone digging a path from bedroom to kitchen. It never fails to encourage me to unload some crap.

a true story (and catalyst)

While at work the other day, I noticed the top I was wearing had a moth hole in it. YUCK! I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed the holy fabric before putting it on, but there it is. Briefly, I considered buying a new shirt to avoid humiliation, but decided to save my money for an upcoming vacation overseas.

As I exclaimed my horror in sporting clothes that were less than pristine, a co-worker suggested I re-purpose the top as a nightshirt. URGH! Once an article of clothing is stained, ripped, broken or shows other signs irrevocable damage, it is taken out of circulation.

I believe it was the moth-eaten top that was the catalyst for my latest folly into spring cleaning. If this shirt was beyond wearing, there was sure to be others with a similar fate. While sorting through my clothes, I may as well clean out the closet. As long as I am cleaning out the closet, I should rearrange the sock drawer.

Do you see a pattern here?? Before blinking, I could set off cleaning out the entire house. Shocking how one blemished top can create a snowball effect on the rest of my being. I needed to take control of the situation before I might get a call from TLC about taking part in an episode of Hoarders.

let’s not get ahead of ourselves

The next thing, I will be donning an apron and rubber gloves! It is indeed a slippery slope down the tidy trail. Fearful that I might overdo it (ya right) I wake at night screaming from nightmares probably caused by the top, Mothra, or spring cleaning in general.

OK! Deep breath time. Serenity now, etc. I am not the neatest person in the world, but certainly, not a candidate for a giant dump truck to haul away my discarded belongings. Perhaps, I am over-thinking this whole spring cleaning process. After all, it is still winter.

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