This week’s blogging prompt from Mama’s Losin’ It “write a post inspired by the word: burned.”Eek! I thought it would be easy writing about things I burned, as there are so many. Yet, when I sat down to start this post, my mind went blank. That’s what I get for burning the candle at both ends; brain rot. Anyways, here are a few gems that came forth.

burned skin

Remember the days when we drenched ourselves in baby oil (or Crisco if you are a real hard-ass) and sat in the sun? There was no fear of future wrinkles or skin cancer. It was the bronze glow I yearned for and anything with an SPF above zero was too much.

Each summer I started off with nasty sunburned skin. Why on earth did I think that was normal? It would hurt, peel then eventually go tan. Spray on or bottled self-tanner makes so much more sense now. It is amazing I don’t resemble a leather bag at age 45.

As a teenager, I was going to live forever. My skin would stay supple and pliant for the rest of my existence. Wrinkles were for really old people (over 40) and none of my concern.

burned food

As an undomestic goddess, mermaid, zebra princess angel, I am not much of a cook. It is more of a surprise when I don’t burn dinner. I can’t count how many times I scraped the burnt stuff off toast or waffles. I tried hiding the charred remains with peanut butter, Nutella or jam. With enough sweet stuff on it, who would ever notice?

I’m not sure how or why this occurred, but I actually like burning popcorn a little. It adds to the flavor and crunch. Another benefit of popcorn that has been well-done, is that no one else wants to eat it, so I rarely if ever have to share (sneaky girl).

bored and burned out

Once my attention is lost (easily done BTW) I feel as though I hit a wall and have burned out of energy. When life’s monotony gnaws at me, I commence searching out  an exit strategy. Sometimes, I merely go to sleep to escape burn out. It is easy to mistake exhaustion for burn out.

I prefer consistent routine. Knowing what to expect, I perfect my art. However, there is a point in which tedium takes over and it is time to move on. When I was nearing the end of my education, I became completely burned out and had a difficult time remaining focused. I think the technical term is senioritis.  Luckily, by the time brain rot set in, it was time for graduation.

burn anything lately?

What burns you? Like me, do you regularly burn your tongue when attempting to drink coffee that is too hot? Do you burn your popcorn or are you a better cook than me (easily done)? Share your thoughts and stories about getting burned.

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