top 5 flying pet peeves

Mama Kat’s weekly Vlogging prompt: Tell us how you really feel…what are your top 5 flying pet peeves?

flying to England (still smiling)

EASY!!! Only five? Seeing that I recently went on a trip halfway around the world, I felt like an expert in the subject. Well, maybe not a real expert, but certainly had a better sense of what drives me nuts.

top 5 exasperating moments

  1. Those annoying security checkpoints that make you late for a plane: I know it is called security for a reason, and I usually don’t mind obliging. On my most recent journey, that all went out the window when I inadvertently left a tube of hand creme in my purse. Long story short, it was not a pretty picture.
  2. Being the last one to board the plane: Not only do I get stared at by everyone who is already seated as I bang my purse into their heads, they grin knowingly that they took all the available storage space. I think sometimes people place things in sideways and longways and find extra stuff to shove in the overhead bin just to ensure I wont have room for my bag.
  3. Those crap meals served on a flight: When did the airlines start charging for most in-flight meals? It is bad enough they are total crap! Now I have to pay top $$ for these horrible meals on top of the exorbitant ticket fares? Geez!
  4. Sleeping on the plane: Seriously, unless you are fortunate to fly first class (never had the opportunity to enjoy that luxury), sleeping is almost impossible. The seats are cramped and with all the stuff you had to store under the seat in front of you, there is no way to stretch out and get the least bit comfortable. Thank goodness for Ambien!
  5. Can I have some turbulence with that? I love roller coasters, but it is not the same thing to suffer through wind turbulence while on an airplane. Something about being tossed around in the sky scares the heck out of me. Typically, I put the death grip on the armrest like that is going to help. If it is really bad, I might scream or cry. Been there, done that, enough said.

your turn…

When I filmed this Vlog, I actually had about 3 more pet peeves about flying that I edited out. What are your greatest flying pet peeves? Do you scream, cry, sweat, sleep, snore, kick the person in front of you? Do screaming kids make you batty (ear plugs work like a charm)? Give me your top 5.

6 thoughts on “top 5 flying pet peeves

  1. another jennifer says:

    I think my biggest pet peeve about flying is people who get in my way. I just want to get to the airport, get on the plane and go. Anyone who makes this a bigger process than it should be is my pet peeve!


    1. Woa Suzanna says:

      Nice job Miriam. Hadn’t even thought about the *jerk* with so much STUFF, s/he cares little about where to put the feet. As that very jerk on recent flight, I vow to quit my need for “stuff.”

      And hey there, Another Jennifer, yeah that’s in your way. And all are in mine. Sorry about repacking while in the Southwest A line. Think you kicked my head getting past me — but hey, so did everyone in the A line.


      1. miriamgomberg says:

        Ahh, so it was you then??? LOL! It seems there is never enough room for my poor lonely backpack in the overhead bin. Maybe next time…


    2. miriamgomberg says:

      Jennifer, I was the one in the way when I came home from England a couple of weeks ago. My suitcase zipper broke and my stuff was everywhere. I’m sure people were mad but I was too busy crying to notice. It is especially annoying when I have to catch a connecting flight with barely a moment to spare and someone with 3 suitcases across takes up the entire isle. URGH!! Thanks for stopping by. M


  2. Woa Suzanna says:

    FIVE PEEVES ABOUT AIR TRAVEL (These are not my pets)

    1) I hate pilots who loooove to chat away my sleep time. His quiet mousy voice is beyond hearing unless he’s saying “rapid descent” or “water landing.”

    2) Why can’t I get more than one/half tissue from the over-stuffed toilet paper roll?! This is why it takes 25 minutes to get the hell out of that hell-hole bathroom.

    3) The center seat? That is not a seat my friends. It is Hell in Air.

    4) The flight attendants who say HI!!! and Bye-Bye!!! but ignore me during the flight? Yeah, eternity in center seat for them.

    5) Really? No more blankets or pillows? But hey, here’s four pretzels. Please, bite me.

    Thanks for letting me rant and rave.



    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Still laughing here! I didn’t even think about the pilot and his wha wha whaaaa going on that I can’t understand. Is that even in English? Luckily Robert booked me all window seats on my trip to England so I could smash myself into the corner against the faux window. What happened to the days when Southwest handed out a free bottle of liquor. Now that was service (not that I am old enough to remember}. Thanks for stopping by xo


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