writing more about me

I thought it was troublesome when I updated this blog and had to rethink the about me page.  Endless conversations with my friend and confidante, Shez had me debating whether I had anything interesting to say. How could I possibly sum up my life’s work (well actually just the work on the blog) in one neat little package? At least three drafts later, it was done and the universe was back in harmony.

rediscovering about me
rediscovering about me

here I go again (for the first time)…

Why should I suffer from déjà vu all over again? Simple! For the first time since forever, I’m re-entering the job market. Lots of opportunities await and in truth, I am nervous but very excited. I have no problem discussing the most embarrassing aspects of my life, yet writing an elevator pitch, positioning statement, or whatever else you want to call it is complete torture.

What is the first thing you ask when you meet someone new?

  1. What time is it?
  2. Did you know you have spinach in your teeth?
  3. Paper or plastic?
  4. Southpark or Family Guy (never both)?
  5. Tell me about yourself…

If you couldn’t tell, most people want to know about you. What do I bring to the table? Going into a dissertation about why I’m in a job search at all is sad and a bit uninteresting. As a hiring manager, I didn’t want to listen to someone ramble for 10 minutes trying to explain himself to me.

just get to the point already

Not that my life isn’t perfectly fascinating, the reality is I must put myself out there in a succinct manner. My past job descriptions may or may not be accurate descriptors of my abilities. A tidy paragraph stating what I do, where I have done it, and what makes me a remarkable candidate are what is needed for an excellent positioning statement.

Now, if I could tell them the story of how I became a mermaid, it would all be good. Unfortunately this tidbit will probably not help me land a dream job. Bummer too, as it is a really good story…

without further ado…

Putting on my professional hat for a moment, here is what I have so far:

I am a customer experience specialist with extensive experience in management, coaching and team development. My experience is diverse in that I owned and operated a successful small business as well as worked for large US retail companies such as Gap Inc. and JCPenney. One of my strengths is strategies for building value-based organizations  with specialties in building management teams that value both internal and external customer relationships.

It is still a work in progress. I am sure that by the time the new elevator pitch makes it to my LinkedIn profile, it will have seen various re-incarnations. For now, it is a start. Believe it or not, that took me over an hour to devise.

Next step is the dreaded resume (shivering at the thought of it). Do you have a strong positioning statement? If so, what inspired you? Is it something you update regularly or just when you need it? Share your thoughts and stories and your elevator pitch (if you dare).

3 thoughts on “writing more about me

  1. Marc Zazeela says:


    Rather than a laundry list of what you have DONE, why not tell the audience what can DO? Why should I hire Miriam?

    Do they really want to hear about you or would they rather hear about them and what you can do to make them better?



    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Marc, you are right. My problem is that I hit a brick wall and have a miserable time trying to do this. Maybe you can help talk me through it?? Laundry lists are great when doing laundry… Thanks for stopping by. xo M


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