being adorable

adorable |əˈdôrəbəl|adjective
inspiring great affection; delightful; charming: she looked just adorable | I have four adorable Siamese cats.

OK, I would cite this but I got it from the dictionary app that came with my MacBook Pro. I figured a block quote will have to suffice.

getting ready for an adorable workout

You may be wondering about my sudden obsession with the word adorable? Honestly, I consider myself funny, irreverent, caring, bossy, vulnerable, kind, and fun loving, but never adorable. Puppies are adorable.

Since being laid off, I have experienced a wealth of emotions. At first, I cried (wait, don’t I do that anyway?) and realized that I needed time to heal and make room for some personal growth before attacking the job market. To me personal growth included reconnecting with friends I hadn’t seen for way too long and going to the gym.

another happy workout at the gym

There is something about exercise that makes me happy. yeah, I know about the whole endorphin thing. Whether it is the gym, cycling or skiing, my persona changes and I feel as though my batteries have recharged after a great workout.

The past few weeks, I have made it to the gym on average 6 days per week, which is fantastic! My favorite thing to do is group x activities at Double Diamond Athletic Club. Come to think of it, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t participate in these types of classes. Am I really super duper old, or does anyone else remember doing aerobics without shoes wearing stirrup tights? just sayin’

Today, I hopped out of bed, threw on some workout clothes and headed to DDAC for BodyVive. This class is a great mix of low/medium impact cardio mixed with other stuff. I really like the music in the latest release and find myself be-bopping and singing along.

Can you honestly hear this song and not want to sing along? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

Although singing is not a great talent of mine, I don’t usually hold back when it’s a song I know and love. Because I am having fun, I smile a lot which also enhances the mood. My kids would probably be horrified to see me in front of the class singing, smiling without a care in the world.

and now for the adorable part

After class was over and I was putting away my gear, a woman tapped me on the shoulder to talk for a moment. She had to let me know how much she enjoyed watching me in class. As I am unafraid to hoot and holler, sing shake my hips and revel in the moment, she found my behavior adorable.

MEEEEE adorable? I was shocked. Don’t get me wrong, I was also pleased. Dancing and singing like a fool is part of my nature. I know there are those who are more graceful, but that isn’t the point. I have a visible joy that spread to the back of the room. Honestly, I never stopped smiling for the rest of the day after that comment.

be adorable

You don’t have to jump around singing during an aerobics class to be adorable. You don’t have to do anything that makes you feel miserable either. In reality, you are far more adorable when you are not trying for it at all. It starts with an inner joy that escapes your soul and becomes a smile.

When job hunting, who do you think will have a better interview? The girl who spends her entire day crying and second guessing herself (look, I do plenty of that too) or the one who looks as though she is enjoying herself? I want to surround myself with positive joyous “adorable” people.

What do you find adorable? Share your ideas of what adorable is and what you do/have that fits that criteria.

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