stolen spoonfuls

How honest are you? I m

stealing spoonfuls of love
stealing spoonfuls of love

ean realllllllly? Have you ever stolen anything of value? Have you ever sat outside a Starbucks just to poach WIFI without ever going in the door? Thieved towels from hotel rooms? Lifted pens from the doctor’s office when writing a check? Snatched handfuls of coins out of your husband’s change jar sitting (Guilty!) on the counter?

I’m fairly respectable in that I don’t…

  •  lie (most of the time)
  • cheat (unless I can get away with it)
  • steal (unless I am really tempted).

There is one thing that entices me to the point of theft; chocolate. It whispers my name as I saunter by an open box and I just have to sneak a piece. I tried an all See’s candies diet for a while but eventually had to give up as I always wanted more.

admissions of stealing spoonfuls of heaven

My son Sam loves waffles. So what you say? The only way he likes them is covered in Nutella (or as us Americans call it Noo-tell-uh). Costco sells the humongous size jars of he stuff so we rarely ever run out. The problem for me is the allure of chocolate is magnetic.

The other day, instead of saving the gooey goodness all for my son’s breakfast,  I grabbed a spoon and dug in when he wasn’t  looking. Do the calories count if I hid all the evidence? Why should I feel the need to be sneaky at all? It is after all only hazelnut spread (getting hungry thinking about it).

Where I go wrong is thinking that one stolen spoonful won’t lead to another. Ya right! Half a jar later, my tummy is full and I am on a total sugar high. Woot!

what is the big deal?

There probably is no harm in stealing Nutella from my teenage son so that I can get a quasi- chocolate fix. I doubt very much that he cares so long as there is enough left to slather on his waffles.

Maybe it is the excitement (pretty exciting don’t you think) of thinking that I am getting away with something sneaky. Next thing you know, I will become stealthy as a cat and be able to pinch spoonfuls of Nutella off of other people’s counters as well. Muahahaha. I feel the sneakiness creeping in.


What is the last thing you stole and how did it make you feel? Will you do it again? Promise I won’t tell…

This post was inspired by the world famous Mama’s Losin’ It weekly prompt; Something you stole.

10 thoughts on “stolen spoonfuls

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Especially because I am too darn lazy to just go to the store and by a bar of chocolate. That would mean getting up off my butt. Thanks for stopping by. M


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      easier said than done. still feel sneaky when I grab a spoon and go to town on the Nutella. maybe that is part of the fun.


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