movie review: a place beyond the pines

free_popcorn_shutterstock_14026099_webThis is a first for me as I usually avoid reviewing things like movies, books or music as I find it all super subjective. However, I am always up for a new challenge or dare! Mama Kat brings out the rebel in me so I decided to get out of my box and review the movie I saw last week with my sister Laura.

welcome to the peanut gallery

Anyone can do a film critique where you look deeply into the audience’s eyes and try to sell them a load of crap as to why this director/film/actor/theme/whatever is so important.  In turn  the critic finds his/her advice helpful, which makes the critic’s opinion more valuable.

Sitting in the peanut gallery throwing shells at the screen sounds fun, but I am more interested in everything going on around me. I can’t help it as I drift off down different streams of consciousness. Especially when the movie is ridiculously long for no apparent reason, and when the theater is so darn cold I can’t concentrate.

hot stuff!

Let’s face it; any movie with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in it has my vote. Eye candy aside, they are both tremendous actors and I usually like their films. Even the director Derek something or other has some really good movies under his belt. I think it was a bad case of over self indulgence.

There were so many great places they could have ended the film. The chosen ending was in my opinion also the weakest. It seemed kinda cheesy and disappointing. Lots of people liked the movie so my advice is make your own opinion. Watch it, don’t watch it, wait for DVD.

not a wasted day

The day was still great. I spent the bulk of it with my sister. We chatted, watched a mediocre movie and shared a great lunch. Overall, definitely a great day.

4 thoughts on “movie review: a place beyond the pines

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Welcome Carol! You gotta love subtitles. It is my inner monologue unleashed. Maybe next time I will remember not to put the laptop/camera on my knees whilst reclining on the sofa as it was kinda shaky. Thanks for stopping by. M


  1. ElizOF says:

    Glad to see that you still have your sense of humor.. I’ve been out of the loop and laying low Haven’t forgotten you. Happy Month of May!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      I don’t think anyone will be beating down my door asking me to become a movie critic, but it was loads of fun to do. Happy May to you too. xoxo


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