do the cardance

Ever feel totally silly and have to tell/show the world? Recently, I viewed a fun video from Jen Mitchell. She extolled the pleasure in a good car dance. In fact, it was a perfect day to roll down the windows, turn up the music and go for it.

the joy of cardancing

Of course, as I tend to over think things, I couldn’t decide what music genres would be best for cardancing. Techno-pop is always a good choice but what about show tunes? Hmm… One of my favorite soundtracks is from Les Mis. Especially the original Broadway cast, not the movie. I mean Russell Crowe is fine to look at but his voice???

ready for a cardance
ready for a cardance

Back to the topic of cardancing; I can cardance to virtually anything. It is a declaration of joy. It was so joyful, I had to get my son Sam involved as well.

Funny thing, this is the second dancing video I produced in a month. Maybe I should hang up my customer experience hat and become a dancer. (insert dreamy mood music here). People will flock from around the world to dance with me. I can teach cardancing to the masses!

perhaps a bit too much joy

I might have been carried away in that last paragraph, but the reality is that happiness is contagious. Sam didn’t want to dance with me. However, he was grinning ear to ear as he made his escape through the window. I didn’t stop laughing for quite some time after we filmed the vid.

Guaranteed, this is only the beginning of my adventures into cardancing. Passengers beware! You never know when I will roll down (and lock) the windows and play a song full blast. Muahahahahaha…

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