15 reasons I’m awesome

inspired by Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompt: 1) 15 Reasons You’re Awesome. (inspired by LouLou’s Views) Only 15? Seeing that I excel in creating lists (hey this is another reason I am awesome) and love a good challenge, this one totally called my name. Can you hear it now?

Say hello to Miss Mimi Cupcakes
Say hello to Miss Mimi Cupcakes

Miriam, pick me, pick me, pick me. You are sooooo awesome. You can do this. Tell the world what makes you so darn awesome!

Okay. Maybe I’m being a bit over dramatic for a change. Can you blame me? If I want to create a truly awesome list that showcases my awesome attributes, I must get into the right mindset.  Deep breath. Focus. Here we go…

awesome me

  1. I am the real deal. Except for the blonde hair color (gotta cover that gray and I’m finding that blondes do have more fun), there is nothing fake about me.
  2. I love trying awesome new things. When my friend Natasha recommended I try a burlesque dance class, I jumped at the opportunity. Who couldn’t use a little Hootchy Kootchy to liven her day?
  3. I now have an awesome burlesque stage name. World! Make way for the new and improved Miss Mimi Cupcakes (loud cheers inserted here). One of them is vanilla and the other is strawberry cream.
  4. Can somebody say Mer-fabulous? It’s is impossible to be a mermaid and not be awesome. Enough said.
  5. Google me! I am the only living Miriam Gomberg who shows up on Google. The awesome part is that the pages are full of good content.
  6. I’m left-handed. It is a proven fact that all left-handed people are awesome.
  7. I can name that awesome tune. OK, it’s really mostly 80’s songs I can name quickly but you must admit it is awesome to have such a huge music library stored in my head.
  8. I’m an awesome friend. Ask any of my friends and they will agree as to my awesomeness.
  9. I embrace my awesome flaws. These imperfections are what makes me special and unique. Who wants to be plain old boring perfection? Definitely not awesome.
  10. I’m willing to reinvent myself. If I don’t feel awesome anymore, it is time to move on and reinvent again. Granted, these reinventions are not always planned, but they are still awesome.
  11. I laugh loudly. Don’t you feel awesome when you let out a big belly laugh? Haven’t done it in a while? Try it! I guarantee you will smile for at least a minute after.
  12. I sing in the car. If the weather is nice and I have the windows rolled down, you may have a chance to hear my awesome singing as I drive down the street.
  13. I’m awesomely silly. It is hard to be serious when wearing a mermaid tail, angel wings or a spandex zebra costume.
  14. I am high maintenance. Let me tell you, I feel awesome when getting a pedi.
  15. Because I say so. If I don’t believe I am awesome, why should you think it? I can be or do anything. That is an awesome feeling.

awesome you

Are you awesome? Can you come up with at least 15 reasons why you are? It shouldn’t be too difficult. If it feels like too much work, start with five things and build up from there. Please share your awesome attributes with me. By the way, anyone want to count how many times I use the word awesome in this post? I’m too lazy and getting tired. Still, I am curious. Just sayin’

10 thoughts on “15 reasons I’m awesome

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      The same can be said for you Miss Dyanne. We will have to come up with an awesome burlesque name for you too. What is your greatest physical asset? We can start there. Or what is your favorite food and flower. Lots of ways to get one. M


      1. Dyanne @ I Want Backsies says:

        I do have pretty amazing boobies with tattooed nipples, a little perk from having breast cancer. There’s a start! If we’re talking G-rated, then, hmmm, maybe my eyes? Or my wild hair? Pizza doesn’t sound very burlesque-y, nor do irises.


      2. miriamgomberg says:

        My girlfriend had lavender flowers tattooed on her nipples after reconstruction. I thought it was awesome! My burlesque name refers to my boobs. It was from a reference I found that said, “show us your tasty cupcakes” and knew I had to incorporate it. You can be my cupcake sister if you like. I don’t mind sharing the last name. Maybe tatty cupcakes?


  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Somehow I just knew you would pick this one! Miss Mimi Cupcakes is indeed an awesome name.

    Car singing – with windows open? Yes! You have to listen to Hanson’s Mmm-Bop that way. I know, I know…just try it. You will not regret!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      You are awesome Stacey! What point is there to singing badly if you can’t share it with the world? Thanks for stopping by.


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