fab music review: we can’t stop

I just can't stop...
I just can’t stop…

Now that I have the fab movie review down, I felt that I should review music as well. This week’s vlog prompt I chose from Mama Kat:

 Review and React to: Miley Cyrus’s video We Can’t Stop (WAIT! If you haven’t seen it yet, then set up your camera and try to capture your first reaction)

Let’s face it, Miley doesn’t resemble her alter-ego Hannah Montana in the slightest. Her new look reminds me of an early version of Madonna when she sang Papa Don’t Preach. Geez, did I just date myself completely? In any case, Miley looked as though she wanted to shock us with her look and her tongue, but the reality is, I’ve seen it before.

inspiration abounds

I mean, isn’t it totally inspirational to prance around with stuffed animals, sticking out your tongue and smacking your ass as much as possible? It certainly looked like she was having fun, so in true form, I followed suit and had a blast dancing and smacking while wearing cool shades and red lipstick.

is everything old really new again?

I remember as a kid, attempting to shock people by cutting my hair super short, wearing provocative clothes and strutting my stuff. Maybe Miley was really channeling me (I know this is doubtful). I don’t remember walking around sticking my tongue out as much as she does, but then again, I was only 16 and don’t remember much.

Wanting to be noticed for my individuality, I forgot to be me. Who is the girl behind the tongue and the shades? Should I care? It doesn’t appear as though she does.

it’s OK to express yourself

By all means, I am glad Miley is comfortable expressing herself. I understand her need to break out of her shell and be wild. I respect her right to strut and smack her ass as much as she wants. The song isn’t bad and has a decent beat but I probably won’t download the song on iTunes anytime soon.

any opportunity for costume is a good one

However, I do heartily recommend dancing with teddy bears and pouffing your hair as much as possible. Red lipstick and exercise clothes round it all out. I especially loved dancing with my favorite Hello Kitty. Gotta say, I didn’t want to stop. Maybe I can’t stop. Just sayin’

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