a mermaid meetup

The older I get, the fewer social boundaries I adhere to. Why should I let anyone dictate who I am? Being a mermaid is one of the most joyful things I have ever encountered. Was there life before tails?


OK! I know it sounds a bit melodramatic but there is something so completely irresistible about slipping out of my human form and into a tail. It really is transforming on so many levels.

a mer-tastic adventure

This summer has been one long mermaid escapade after another. I participated in photo shoots and attended pool parties. I learned to swim in my first monofin. In true mermaid fashion, I celebrated my 46th birthday at the Carson City Hot Springs along with my mer-family.

As a truly fabulous birthday present, I asked my husband for a plane ticket to Tampa, Florida where I could attend the second annual Merpalooza with my mersisters Cate and Tami. Could it possibly get better than that?

It seemed like only moments later I was headed across the country for my first Florida visit. Let me just say I can’t think of a hotter time to visit. Like a cherry on top it was crazy humid (frizzy hair central) as well. Each time I ventured outdoors, it felt like entering a steam room.

Enough complaining about the weather already! That being said, it was an awesome and amazing trip.

meeting fellow mer-folk

Mermaids were everywhere. New friendships formed. I was introduced to members of the mer community I had previously only known through Facebook. I swam, took pictures, and played all day and night with my new mer friends.

photo op w the fab Carribean Pearl
photo op w the fab Carribean Pearl

There were amazing artists, vendors and tail makers at the mermaid trade show. First cousins Eileen and Roz also attended the show. I tried on (and purchased) pirate gear and a realistic tail. It was mermaid heaven.

Mimi's gone steam-punk pirate
Mimi’s gone steam-punk pirate

experiencing Weeki Wachee

A trip to Tampa would have been incomplete without a day trip to the famous mermaid show at Weeki Wachee. The park was beautiful and the professional mermaids were exquisite. I am more impressed than ever with their underwater abilities.

mermaid show at Weeki Wachee
mermaid show at Weeki Wachee

I was fortunate enough to meet several Weeki Wachee alumni at Merpalooza who performed when I was born (yeah it was a loooong time ago). One beautiful mermaid, was part of the original show created in 1947 before they incorporated mermaid tails. It was an honor meeting these ladies.

A new mer-pod was initiated with a crazy brew we dubbed “Drunken Pirate Whore Punch.” Enough said. Ingredients included everything and anything and by the end of the trip, all inhibitions were lost as we staged silly pictures. I’m so glad ChristoMer Starfish shared the recipe so I can attempt someday maybe a batch for my local pod.

lesson learned: just keep swimming

There was some underlying drama during the convention. Feelings were hurt and people were overlooked and unappreciated. Merpalooza was not a flawless event.

I don’t believe perfection is the goal. This is not an excuse for lack of follow through. People should be held accountable for results (sorry I can’t help putting on my leadership hat).

The reality is there is always opportunity for improvement. Each adventure gives us the chance for personal growth. For me, it was learning how to swim and take underwater pictures.

It might not seem like a big deal, but to me underwater photography was huge and scary. Now I feel beautiful and confident underwater. I can’t wait to see how the picture turn out!

Overall, I felt Merpalooza was a success. I can’t wait for my next mermaid meetup. Any chance I have to wear a tail, is good. An opportunity to swim among hundreds of other mermaids, is devine. An opportunity to try on a pirate corset and steam punk hat and parasol while wearing a pinup dress is even better. And so on…

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