tails from the sick bed

grumpy and sick in bed
grumpy and sick in bed

I am seldom ill. Knock on wood. (By the way, does that actually do anything? Just saying.) Last year I can’t count how many times the management team called out (or worse) showed up ailing and miserable. Somehow, I was lucky enough to avoid the maladies being shared by others.

what’s health got to do with it?

My healthy streak is broken. Maybe it is due to the incredible smokiness in the Reno air the past week. A huge fire in Yosemite darkened our skies and there seems to be little if any relief in sight.

Does it matter what the root cause it? Bottom line is I feel like garbage. Sleeping and waking every few hours, I finally crept out of bed to procure something to eat. the problem is, nothing looks, smells or tastes appetizing.

After spending the past +24hours sick I have come to realize I don’t know anyone who enjoys being unwell. What is to like? Fever, chills, stuffy nose, sore throat, run down, tummy ache? I don’t feel like being nice to anyone and want to hide in bed waiting for the worst symptoms to subside.

the dilemma approaches

So far, all I have done is complain about how I feel. However, most complaining thus far has occurred from the comfort of my bed. Nothing worse than sharing illness among friends and coworkers.

Don’t you just hate it when people feel the need to martyr themselves in order to show up to work? Spreading bacterial or viral infections is not really the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Thanks but no thanks.

That being said, why on earth don’t I heed my own advice and recover from home? Pretty hypocritical huh? My germs are not any less potent than the next person’s.

Yes there is important work to be done. How much truly is accomplished in a state of unwellness? I am not doing anyone favors by showing up and coughing over everything. Yuck.

where do I draw the line?

dreaming of mermaids who don’t get colds

At what point should I decide to stay home? Is a stuffy head enough to make me stay in bed? Is there a magic line in the sand I dare not cross over? Throwing up and fever are strong indicators to stay in bed, but I have a bad cold/sinusitis. Will it make any difference if I convalesce? Does the illness simply need to run its course? These questions make my head pound even harder.

Fortunately, final decisions can wait until the morning. Here’s to hoping the worst will be over by dawn’s first light. I wonder if mermaids get colds? Maybe I will load up on Ibuprofen and decongestants and dream of gliding as a mermaid in the sea.





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