the resiliency of teenagers

Is it my duty as a parent to mess my kids up as much as possible? I know it is certainly my rite to embarrass them at every opportunity when they begin dating. Visions of Avery’s destroyed look when I brought out her baby pictures come to mind. She really was that cute though.


Sam hasn’t started dating yet so his baby pics are safe for the time being. However…there are plenty of other ways to ensure years of therapy.

crazy mermaid mommy

How much can a teenage boy handle before irreparable damage is done? Is it enough that Sam attended his first (and probably last) mermaid birthday party this summer?

At the time, it seemed like a harmless and fun idea. My friends and I joined up for a day trip to California to swim in a river in our tails and eat cake.

Watching his mom gallivant in a tail is not something most 15 year old boys envision for their mothers. In retrospect, I am sure Sam is still attempting to wipe the memory clear.

a little hootchy kootchy

Yesterday consisted of work then racing home to pick Sam up for an appointment. Tuesday is also Hootchy Kootchy dance class. We were learning the second part to a dance routine and I didn’t want to miss out.

A decision must be made; dance or take Sam home? Home or dance? The day had been hectic enough and I was really looking forward to class. Miss Mimi Cupcakes needs to be let out on a regular basis.

Sam is too young to know what Burlesque is. Why isn’t mermaiding enough? That alone is torture for teenage eyes to behold. I also strut with satin gloves and a boa. Oy!

decision made

Of course I chose class over returning home to sit and watch Sam play video games for the rest of the evening. Class is for an hour and a half. What could possibly go wrong? Without a second thought, I threw my dance shoes in the back seat and away we went.

Sam, an expert bargainer, struck a deal if he went, I would buy him dinner afterwards. A fair exchange seeing that texts to dad went unheeded and he had no other means of transportation.


Completely gadgetless, Sam sat outside and waited patiently… for about five minutes. Then the pacing began followed by finding my phone and taking random weird pictures while i danced.

No visual trauma was present after class was over. Sam was his usual surly self. I asked if he watched any of the class and he said that the thought of women in a state of mid-life crisis was not something he wished to see. Whatever!

lesson learned; food solves everything

After a trip to In-n-Out, all mention of Hootchy Kootchy or dance was dropped and forgotten. With a full tummy, Sam slinked back onto the sofa and resumed playing a video game started earlier in the day.

hungry boy
hungry boy

What did I learn from this? Other than the fact he is way more resilient than I give him credit for, he is easily bought off with a burger. Sam is 6’5″ and about 150lbs. He is always hungry as it is impossible for him to consume enough calories for his ever-growing body.

I also learned that although he said he didn’t watch any of the class, he managed to sneak a picture taken from down the hall.

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompt 4.) Something you learned this week. Did you learn anything good this week? Share your thoughts and stories.

12 thoughts on “the resiliency of teenagers

  1. Steve says:

    You are actually teaching him many lessons that more parents need to teach.
    1. Parents are people too.
    2. Parents like to have fun.
    3. Learning 1&2, he is going up be a better parent
    4. Getting him to see outside the box… literally… Games and computers shutout kids from too much they need!
    5. Mermaids are cool 😉


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