a quest for spirituality

floating down a conscious stream
floating down a conscious stream

What is spirituality and how do I get it? Is religion the only source? Are we alone in the universe or is there a conduit for something greater than ourselves? Oxford English dictionary defines Spiritual as:


  • of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things:I’m responsible for his spiritual welfare the spiritual values of life
    • (of a person) not concerned with material values or pursuits.
Hmm… rather nebulous for a definition. Perhaps it is because spirituality is relative and not self-evident. I usually prefer definitions from the Urban Dictionary as they seem to be less full of shit. Here is one of my favorites:
Umbrella term for non-specific belief system held by people who like to re-interpret their intellectual undernourishment as meaning they are instead party to some special secret or higher knowledge, moral outlook, belief system or behaviour than other people en masse. Often found positioned very close in the psyche of such holders close to other faintly grasped terms like “enlightenment”, “awareness”, “ignorance”, “confusion”, “awakened” and “delusion” what makes such people so maddening is their collective conviction that they posses all these attributes in abundance, whilst in practice displaying considerably less of each than the self-same people they claim these qualities make them superior than.

hello. is anyone listening?

If there is a higher power, how do I communicate with him/her? Is it only through formal prayer? Growing up Jewish meant I spent life praying in a Synagogue.

I learned to read Hebrew but never fully understood the meaning of the words. So does this mean my pleas didn’t count? If I didn’t comprehend the prayers, who is to say God would understand my garbled messages?


What about free will? Is everything we have ever done or will ever be already determined by fate? Oedipus tried unsuccessfully to outrun his fate. Look where it got him! Married his mom killed his dad and clawed his eyes out. No bueno.

I cannot believe we have no say in our outcomes. A person with a strong will can and does override even God’s plans. Or can he?

Perhaps it is about life choices we make and disappointment in the consequences. Isn’t it easier to think we were simply following God’s plan than to admit failure or defeat?

lesson learned; this will take more than one post to figure out

I am not any less confused than when I began this spiritual journey. There are so many streams floating in different directions that I see how easily I became lost.  Not to mention, I have a terrible sense of bearing.

Believing in myself is a great place to begin. I don’t doubt my own existence. In the words of Rene Descartes, “I think, therefore I am.

A friend suggested that I seek a path and the answers will be revealed along the way. Wise words to follow.

Are you spiritual? What led you to that conclusion? Do you speak with your higher power or is the volume set to mute? Share your ideas, thoughts and stories.


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