miss mimi cupcakes daring debut

A little self-expression does wonders for the soul. Mine must be joyful as I found so many ways to express myself. Mermaiding tops the list but is closely followed by angel, zebra princess, and overall adventure girl (honestly, I just made up the last one. It does have a ring to it though.)

Miss Mimi Cupcakes
Miss Mimi Cupcakes

What about dance?  When I was a kid, I did ballet for about a minute before my parents realized I had no talent. That was OK by me as it is way too disciplined.

It’s one thing to turn the music up on the stereo and dance like a complete fool when no one is watching. It is another to do it in front of an audience.

I’m not shy and I’m considered a bit of an exhibitionist by some. My teenage son believes I am going through a mid-life crisis. Could be. After all, I am 46 years old. Isn’t that mid-life?

Once my husband compared my dance style to that of Elaine on Seinfeld. I doubt I am that bad, but Elaine thought she was a good dancer too.

Forget tap, jazz or hip-hop dancing. What I wanted was something that really called my name. When my friend Natasha recommended I join her burlesque group, I didn’t hesitate. I mean, what could be more appropriate than a little risque dancing? I couldn’t think of anything either.

a little hootch

It’s official! I can now add Vintage Cabaret Dancer to my resume. Last week, Miss Mimi Cupcakes made her debut in the Hootchy Kootchy Girls Vintage Cabaret Fantastic Fall Show.

It was my very first time onstage as a burlesque-ish vintage cabaret performer. I wasn’t the least bit nervous until about two o’clock in the afternoon when I showed up for dress rehearsal.

As soon as I had a good cry (I cry for most occasions), I was ready to shimmy. Not only was I in a number (Fever by Peggy Lee) but I would be onstage in between most acts as wardrobe mistress.

Argh! So much to remember. Onstage spacing, look cute and sexy while picking up clothes between acts. Move quickly but don’t appear rushed. My head swam as the curtains opened. Then it was showtime…

miss mimi cupcakes takes the stage

I wasn’t the star of the show, but I certainly felt like a glamorous sex kitten burlesque vamp mermaid. Channeling my vintage goddess, Esther Williams, I was graceful, flirty and above all had a blast.

The transformation of my Hootchy Kootchy sisters was amazing. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes strutted around in corsets and other vintage style lingerie.

Fishnets and heels were part of our ensembles. I also wore a purple tutu to match my partner and fellow wardrobe mistress Miz Martini Maude.

Miss Mimi Cupcakes and Miz Martini Maude
Miss Mimi Cupcakes and Miz Martini Maude

I’m not sure how I survived all day in a steel boned corset. It sure improved my posture. By the end of the night, I let out a sigh when the laces were finally loosened.

keep on hootching

What else is a girl to do except sign up for the next semester of classes and subsequent show? I’m totally hooked and can’t wait to strap on my dance shoes. What routines will I learn this time?

How do you find self-expression? Like me, do you play with boas and gloves or do you prefer something more tame? If you think your body is imperfect and therefore can’t dance, you are sadly mistaken. You are only as sexy as you feel. Share your thoughts and stories.


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