Daisy and her tongue

I’m a tiny bit late with this weeks writing prompt from Mama’s Losin’ It. Besides being super tired, I flaked out. This post is inspired by prompt 4: Your pets least likable character trait

looking ladylike
looking ladylike

When considering some of Daisy’s more obnoxious attributes, the list was actually longer than expected. Daisy is a mutt extraordinaire with a loving disposition but like the rest of us, she has a few minor flaws.

Daisy and her bad habits

  1. doesn’t overly enjoy being pet. She is cuddly, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has more to do with warmth than bonding.
  2. eats Snowball’s food. Snowball is almost 15 years old and blind. Honestly, I can’t really blame her for eating her food but it is still annoying.
  3. constantly jumps on me. Daisy is part boxer (which part, I’m not sure) and she gets up on her hind legs and beats me up with jabs. Sometimes, I am simply not in the mood.
  4. can’t decide if she wants to be in or out of the house. Really???? I wish Robert would just install a doggy door already so I wouldn’t have to get up every five seconds (dramatic license taken here) to let her out or in. If I take too long, other annoying habits kick in…
  5. pees in the house. Yeah. this is what happens when I don’t let her out quickly. Enough said.

Daisy’s least likeable characteristic

As irritating as these attributes are, there is still one that surfaces above the rest.

drumroll please…

Daisy is a licker. She loves to give kisses, which in itself is fine. A quick flick of her tongue can be a loving gesture. Often, when I am sitting on the sofa, she jumps up and places her paws on my chest in order to get a better position to cover my face with her tongue.

Daisy kisses
Daisy kisses

Not only does it hurt my chest as she bears her weight on me, but it tickles. It is gross being slathered in Daisy kisses. As soon as she has her fill, she leaps off the couch and wants outside again. Geez.

other uses for her tongue

The only family member who actually likes these spit baths is Sam. I can’t stand watching as she licks his face clean for a minute or more. How can he sit still for it?

Once Avery commented that it is probably the cleanest Sam’s face would be. The sad part is she speaks the truth. Is there anything dirtier than a teenage boy’s face? Blech!

Daisy also loves licking anything in the dishwasher. She will slurp food remnants off a bowl and jingles the cutlery as she cleans them with her giant tongue. washing the dishes

I wonder if anyone would notice i let Daisy lick the plates and then put them back in the cupboard? Think of all the water I could save by utilizing Daisy’s talent. Just Sayin’

your turn

Do you have a pet with annoying habits? If so, what are they? Are they worse than the dog with the mile long tongue? How do you cope? Ignore or retrain? Share your least favorite pet characteristics.


2 thoughts on “Daisy and her tongue

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    I like dogs well enough, but I think dog tongues are dee-skusting. Blah. All I can think of is Lucy from the Peanuts gang screaming “Aarrrgh! I’ve been kissed by a dog! Get some disinfectant! Get some hot water!” I am happy that as a rule, cats generally do not lick their people.


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