little red riding hoodie

I love clothes. Ever since childhood, I played dress up as often as possible (when not playing barbies). Whether it is for a special occasion, work or chilling at home, I like to be dressed cute.

red riding hoodie
red riding hoodie

taking comfort in clothes

When I closed the bridal store in 2005, I was worried that I would become one of those women who lived in sweats. No makeup ever, hair in a scrunchie and either sneakers or (gasp) slippers.

Instead I learned to wear heels. Sweatshirts and such were fine for the gym but I didn’t want to let myself go (so to speak).

Many years later, I am totally over that phobia. I dress for work and on days off, comfortable attire is a must. I’ve even become a fan of the hoodie.

meet the hoodie

I have met the dream hoodie and made it mine. It is soft, fitted, red and best of all (drumroll please) it has bling!! What is not to love?

The back of the hoodie is decorated with none other than gold sequined wings. Woot! How appropriate for Mimi the Lobster Queen to wear a bedazzled red hoodie??

wings of an angel
wings of an angel

wait! there’s more

Never being the matchy matchy type girl I could have easily stopped with the hoodie. The whole matching track suit thing is sooooooo 90’s. I mean, seriously? Who really cares if your sweatpants and shirt are complimentary?

Damn! Why did we have to get an adorable pair of red sweatpants that matched perfectly with the angel winged hoodie? They have an adorable sequined heart that says angel in it.

I fought the urge as long as possible (about 5 minutes) and quickly added them to the purchase. Did I mention how adorable they are? Don’t be a hater. They really are that cute.

been there, done that, doing it again

OK. Maybe it is a little tiny bit hypocritical to make fun of matching track suits and be wearing one myself. Perhaps it is that I am open minded and ready to receive enlightenment. Stop laughing. It could happen.

Either way, I did feel like a VS supermodel/angel driving to the salon for a mani today. Heads turned as I sauntered down the aisles at the grocery store too. Is it the wings, the color red or my sparkling personality shining through all the sequins?

What outfit do you love wearing? Is it something you never thought you would be caught dead in (like a matching track suit) or is it less obnoxious? Share your favorite outfits and how/why you wear them.

once you go match, you never go back
once you go match, you never go back

This post was inspired by a writing prompt from Mama Kat: An outfit you love(d)

8 thoughts on “little red riding hoodie

  1. Dee says:

    I think your outfit rocks! Love it. Me? I never thought I would wear jeggings, but they are so comfortable and show off my legs that are not as wide as some other jeans make them look…anytime an outfit brings out your assets well then one should wear it!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      OMG! I love jeggings! When the whole legging thing came out, I couldn’t do it. I mean, I wore them in the late 80’s and thought you should never revisit fashion. Well…I have quite a few pairs now including 2 pairs of jeggings. They are so flattering on the legs. Thanks for stopping by. M


  2. Kat says:

    I saw the hoodie and my first question was going to be if it was a VS hoodie because I swear those ones are always my favorites! HUGE fan of the hoodie over here. I think you can still look pretty in comfy clothes. A little bit of makeup goes a long way and some of those hoodies can still give us a figure. That one is really cute!


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