still wrong in the best way

This week’s writing prompt from Mama Kat had me digging through blog archives. After nearly 3 years of posts I can’t believe 245 are published. Geez. Does that make me old? (just saying)

Rarely do I look back at previous posts. As Edna E. Mode said, “I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.” My issues have more to do with anxiety over the future than past regrets.

totally wrong and loving it
totally wrong and loving it

tripping on the past

In case you were wondering, here is the chosen prompt. 1.) What were you blogging about a year ago today? What has changed?

OOFfff! Why do I always pick prompts that on the surface seem easy only to realize they are more involved? Maybe it’s me. I make things hard on myself for no apparent reason except high self-expectations.


At first I considered making a list of my top five favorites from December 2012. What a great idea! At least until I re-read the prompt. It is meant to be what I blogged last year on the same day.

The closest was December 6, 2012 titled wrong in all the right ways. I wrote about beauty of imperfection and why it is more important to be authentic than ideal.

To see if anything changed, it would be prudent to revisit my list of character flaws. Like streams of consciousness, I am forever changing course, yet the water flows continually (kinda like attributes).

wrong in the right way?

  1. I have no sense of when to shut up, sharing way too much information. If you don’t believe me, ask my kids!
    1. Most definitely. It is awesome to freely yap about anything.
  2. I wear low cut tops that emphasize my boobs. Hey, I think that if you got it, flaunt it. Besides the low-cut tops take away from the fact that I have no waist (TMI?)
    1. Guilty. Although I recently lost weight. I can almost detect a waistline.
  3. When at home, I prefer to pee with the bathroom door ajar. My husband thinks this is gross (you might too) but I don’t like feeling enclosed in a small space. (Besides, obviously I don’t care what you think)
    1. This will probably never change. I CAN pee with the door closed, I CHOOSE not to.
  4. I blow my nose like a fog-horn and have been known to honk my nose in public places when necessary.
    1. My nose blowing has also been compared to a bull-moose. Whatever.
  5. I sometimes snore. OK! probably more than sometimes.
    1. Yup
  6. I prefer eating with my fingers whenever possible.
    1. God gave me fingers, why not use them as utensils? Seems completely reasonable.
  7. I shop too much
    1. Especially when I’m stressed. Right now, I have been shopping way too often. Enough said.
  8. I have a potty mouth
    1. My next feat will be learning swear words in as many different languages as possible.
  9. I am impatient
    1. Like getting through this list. Geez how long is it gonna take?
  10. I laugh loudly
    1. I find it endearing when someone has a great belly laugh.
  11. I want things I can’t have, and don’t rest until I get them
    1. Just because I might not always have my way doesn’t mean I have to lay back and not try.
  12. I cry easily and my feelings get hurt (recurring theme here)
    1. I sometimes wish this wasn’t true. I love/care with my whole heart and risk getting it broken.

still completely wrong in the right way

Didn’t I learn anything this past year? It seems all of my character flaws remain untouched. If anything, I can add to the list (which of course I’m about to do).

wrong things addendum

  1. To the complete embarrassment of my son, I added vintage cabaret (burlesque) dancing to my repertoire.
  2. I might actually have too many lip glosses. (shuddering at the thought)
  3. I can’t get my hair to look half as good as Debbie does.

    thanks Debbie for my fabulous hair
    thanks Debbie for my fabulous hair
  4. I am still searching for spirituality.
  5. I second guess my self worth.

The best part of being seriously flawed is that I own it. At times I might make excuses but I totally realize that too. I am not perfect.

What were you doing this time last year? Is it the same as ever or have you experienced anything new? Share your thoughts and stories.

8 thoughts on “still wrong in the best way

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    I absolutely love this post – considered this prompt but haven’t finished just yet.

    I had to laugh out loud over and over again because I have to admit to sharing more than one of the “flaws” on your fabulous list. We should hang out. We would have a terrifically and inappropriately good time, I suspect. 🙂

    I love this that you said best – that you own your flawed state. Isn’t that the best way to be, really? Aware of our so-called flaws and able to hold our head high and admit to them. Self-awareness is such a big part of good self-esteem, I think. Whether we decide to remain as we are or work toward some change, half the battle is won by being able to recognize and admit to whatever it is about us that makes us who we are.

    Loved this – maybe one of my favorites of yours that I’ve read. 🙂


  2. Michelle says:

    I love this prompt because it lends itself to such a variety of posts based on what each person was blogging about last year. And I love that you’re willing to be so open about your own imperfections – to own them. Thanks for sharing!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Michelle, I always love Kat’s prompts. It was actually fun revisiting the archives. I am totally open and self-aware. It is when I try holding back that I suffer the most. thanks for stopping by 😀


  3. Mimi says:

    Wow, I can relate to your list of points, for the most part. I have nothing to flaunt so no low cut shirt here. lol It would only accentuate the fact that I have no boobs. ha I haven’t peed with the door ajar since my kids were little. People have related me to my daughters and my daughters to each other because of our laughs! =) I’m also impatient and cry easily! I did my prompt on the same topic, but I like yours a lot better. hahahaha


  4. Kat says:

    Well you haven’t changed a bit and I bet the unapologetic way you live life is one of things your friends and family love most about you. You give people confidence to just own who they are. I love it!


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