winter blues

The house is empty and cold except for Daisy laying next to me snoring softly. I feel like writing, but don’t know what to say. Is it better to keep silent or just start tapping away on the keyboard?

winter blues
winter blues

Holidays approach while life whirrs by in a peppermint twist. Minutes and hours melt together. What day is it anyway?

Routines are unchanging regardless of time. Keep focused. Work, sleep, work, sleep, gym, work, sleep… An unending, unchanging cycle comforts my soul.


Snow becomes gray as it refuses to thaw. The driveway’s icy glisten promises I will fall if not cautious. Tread gently to the mailbox. Frozen fingers unlock junk mail. How many catalogs can I read?

Who has time to eat? Food loses its flavor and I’m too lazy to cook anything but ramen. Cereal is not only the breakfast of champions but lunch and/or dinner as well.


My eyes are heavy. Lay in bed and let sleep take over only too wake up screaming from a nightmare. Maybe it’s better to stay awake. Turn on the light and read instead.

An hour later my mind is fuzzy and sleep beckons once again l remain in bed wild-eyed and awake for two hours. Eventually I give up and shower.

My mind doesn’t stop long enough to rest so I go to work two hours early. Think of all I can accomplish. Emails, action plans and such. Yeah right. Do I manage anything?

tomorrow comes

Back to my fortress of solitude covered in fluffy blanket goodness, my mind slows down. What should I blog about? Which conscious stream will I drift on tonight? I remain uninspired yet yearn to write.

Just sit still and let it flow. The stream carries me in a comfortable pace. A topic isn’t required tonight. Before I realize, I am a mile downstream floating gently.

Tomorrow is a day off. A day to rest and recuperate so I will be renewed and refreshed once again. Then, the cycle picks up and I continue on another stream.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

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