for my eyes only

What does clothing say about you? Like it or not, people are judged on appearance. Are you a sweats and tee shirt kind of person or do you spend more than half your life in a uniform?

shhhhhhhh its' a secret.
shhhhhhhh its’ a secret.

No matter what you choose to wear, it only says so much about how you feel about yourself. Like an iceberg, there is substance beneath the surface.

life before VS

I like dressing cute whether if is for work or play. When I closed the bridal shop in 2005, I forced myself to learn to wear high heels. Even though I wore jeans most days, stilettos sassed up an outfit immensely.

Now my uniform consists of black, black and more black. I still want to feel attractive in clothes. Black can be elegant and it doesn’t detract from products we sell. Does it make me look goth? Nah….

Before life at Victoria’s Secret, I never cared if my panties and bra matched. I mean seriously??? Who cares? It is the clothing on the outside that people see. That is where the focus should be. Right?


Turns out I was completely incorrect thinking paired lingerie didn’t matter.  There is something so tantalizingly delightful about sporting a cheetah print bra with black lace trim and matching cheekies.

The truth is I don’t wear it to impress anyone. If someone happens to enjoy how I choose to dress, so be it. Impressing you is not the goal. These wonderful trimmings are meant for my eyes only.

roaring in red

What an empowering notion! As people are gauging my appearance on the surface, lacy underpinnings are for me alone. Unless I show you (which honestly I do more often than you think) you can only guess what is beneath the facade.

I feel confident and pretty when completely dressed from head to toe, and from the inside out. A new red bra and panties not only fit perfectly but  it is my little secret under a black wardrobe exterior. Mimi’s secret.

let you in on the secret

Now that I discovered the joy of intimate apparel, there is no turning back. The thing is, I’m worth it. If I don’t value myself, who else will? It all comes from within.

I don’t resemble a supermodel (not even close) but that is not the point. My guess is supermodels are not more confident than most women. I’m sure they see flaws, bumps and imperfections everywhere.

So what? They are super because they flaunt what they have in front of the masses. Maybe this is why I have been so attracted to mermaiding. Wearing a tail makes me feel sexy.

what’s your secret

Take a look at yourself right now. What are you wearing under your clothes? (no. I’m not a creepy stalker). Does it make you feel poised and put together?

Today, I have on a bright cherry demi with matching lacy cheekies. I’m not showing you because it is for my eyes only. Share what brings out the mermaid or supermodel in you?

Like me, you are worth it.

5 thoughts on “for my eyes only

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    I really love this, Mim. Too many girls and women think it’s about what other people see and don’t do enough because of themselves. Wearing nice undies – or whatever – shouldn’t be about who sees it or what they think. I love nice underthings and I do love a matched set. It’s been far too long since I thought about indulging in that way…perhaps it’s time to celebrate that 15 pound weight loss!


  2. Dyanne Dillon says:

    I started wearing pretty underpants a couple of years ago. Not that the previous ones were hideous granny pants, but they weren’t particularly special, either. Then I started buying VS panties (various thongs, if you must know),and they make me feel pretty, even though no one knows about them but me.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Hi Dyanne! I admit after I had my kids, I continued wearing my maternity panties that went up to my neck. They were so darn comfy. I’m glad we have both graduated to wearing pretty lacy things just for our own benefit. Xo


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