resolutions still are for wimps and weenies

Why is it every New Year I hear the same bullshit resolutions recited by the same individuals? I mean really?? If it didn’t stick last year, what is so wonderfully special about this one?

spiritually present
spiritually present

Yeah, I know the whole, new year, new chances, blah, blah blah…Maybe you do it to make yourself feel better by recognizing areas of opportunity. Is it to please others (who are probably not all that deserving) or simply get someone off your back?

(If you are unfamiliar with my views towards resolutions check out last year’s post on the subject.)

word for 2013: presence

OK. Rather than putting a stick in the ground declaring I want to lose weight, I thought of a word that might define a destination. How did I fare?

Honestly, 2013 started off as a bummer. I got laid off in the first quarter and needed presence of mind in order to decide what direction wanted to take next. I had to be extremely present for job searches, networking meetings and the like.

Believe me, it would have been much easier to turn on my internal headset and wait for it all to be over. However, what good would that have done? I was the one who was unemployed and floating. Yep. I was definitely present for that.

Home life was a bit different. Maybe I can only focus on being present for one major thing at a time. Maybe I just turned on that internal headset and turned myself off from the family. Not sure if it matters why, but like everything else, I own it.

presence morphs into spirituality

Well OK, I began a whole spirituality quest this past fall. It really does play off the theme of presence and I think it’s a nice way to introduce it as my word/theme for 2014.

Recently I had an appointment at 9:00am on a Tuesday morning. Leaving work early was no biggie but I was on serious time constraints as I had to return ASAP.

I showed up early (hey it could happen) and waited for approximately 20 minutes before realizing I was stood up. Old me would have completely melted down on the spot and started crying.

The new more improved version sent out a text asking if he remembered our appointment. Turns I was in his Reno office whilst he was waiting in Carson City.  At that point, fault was not the issue. Not gonna happen that day.

spiritually solid

Rather than scraping myself off the ceiling, I asked if we could reschedule; problem solved. I told him how I am learning to not fall apart each time something goes awry.

That’s when he told me in a text, “if you are OK in this moment, there is no reason to freak out.” Who knew a text could be so telling.

For me, this whole spirituality quest thingy has been about learning to be OK with myself at any given moment and to let go of the uncontrollable. Hanging on tenaciously only destroys me slowly rather than builds hope.

I’m beginning to get it. The road is full of hills and valleys. Some gates are closed and I have to turn around heading in another direction. If I am OK with the ride itself, there is no reason for me to feel lost, alone or abandoned. Freaking out seems ridiculous within this new found perspective.

enough about me, therapy and spirituality already. GEEZ!

Anyways…what is your take on the whole resolution VS word theme theory? Do you have a preferred method of delivery or is it all a bunch of crap you prefer to ignore?

Share your word or (gulp) resolution and your reasoning behind it.

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompt. Kat holds a wealth of inspiration and I feel lucky to have found her.

2.) Choose a theme word to live by for 2014 and tell us why you chose it.

8 thoughts on “resolutions still are for wimps and weenies

  1. Mimi B says:

    I’m not really a resolution or goals person. I just know I’m going to do some things and probably won’t do other things. I did get a treadmill, but just so I didn’t feel like my body was falling apart because of being so sedentary this past year. I don’t like how sitting all this past year felt. I really hope to grow in my faith this year. With a lot of struggles this past year and the year starting off on a REALLY crappy note, I’m either going to have to dig into hope, or I’m going to lose it. I chose the word “authentic” because I’ve just seen how things have gone for me this past year and I’m just going get more “me” back into my life. =)

    I love that the text for you was a good one. I’ll have to keep that in mind for my days ahead.


  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    I’m doing focus. And at the moment, I’m working out my thoughts – at least the beginnings of them. I picked it because I need more of it. That’s the way way short answer. The long one is still in process. See why I need this one?


  3. Kat says:

    I feel like resolutions and a “word of the year” are essentially the same thing. Typically we choose a word that embodies something we want to resolve to fix, but for some reason I’m more comfortable choosing a word than laying out the resolutions. That being said, I did neither this year. haha, but I like yours!


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