winter break

Heather and I having fun at work.
Heather and I having fun at work.

Weekly Vlog prompt from Mama Kat 2.) How does Winter Break change your routine? As a retail manager, winter break means more work for longer hours.

Let’s face it, this is what retailers build up to all year. It is only a few weeks of craziness and in all truthfulness, it’s a lot of fun. There is never a dull moment in the business and before I know it, the new year begins. Woot!

some obvious downfalls

One bummer about winter break is that I have a kid in school (Sam; 10th grade) who is home. As a guilty parent (no one’s fault but my own), I often stay with him instead of working out at the gym. I know it is a lame excuse and as soon as he goes back, so will I (promise).

When I was a kid, it was the same in that my parents owned a gift shop. I rarely saw them between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We usually had a college student stay with us during the holidays so we wouldn’t be alone.

where is the snow??

Typically I ski often over winter break. My family has passes to Mt Rose Ski Resort and as it is only 20 minutes from home, it is super convenient. The problem is, there is hardly any snow.

I know! I am full of excuses but honestly I am not a great skier and ice scares me. Hopefully we will get some good storms before the season is officially over.

it’s almost over!!

The good news is that next week Sam goes back to school!! Semi-annual sale will be over before I know it and life will settle back to a comfortable pace.

What does winter break look like for you? Do you have kids in school who drive you nuts? Are you running around trying to buy last minute presents? Have you had one too many pieces of pumpkin pie? Do share your holiday routines.

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