barbie memories

I love girly things. Pink is one of my favorite colors, I adore makeup and sparkles, and above all, I have always treasured dolls.


my first doll

After all these years I still have my first Mme Alexander baby doll and a whole bunch of collectors dolls my parents purchased through the years. I think my first teddy bear is around somewhere as well.

None were as precious as my first barbie doll with bright orange hair. There was something so completely irresistible about her freakishly busty body (maybe it was foreshadowing years to come) and her tiny feet created to fit little plastic high heeled shoes.

ahh yes, the tiny feet…

Actually, the tiny plastic high heeled shoes never lasted long as I usually chewed on them until the heel broke off. Once the shoes were devoured, I would chomp on her feet.

Am I the only one who did this? Looking back it seems a bit weird. Barbies were the perfect chew toy for me. Most of my barbies had mashed up feet.

Orally fixated since I can remember, if I wasn’t sucking my thumb (till age 8, but that is another story) I was nibbling on barbie feet like a bunny. Maybe because my first barbie had the bright orange hair, I confused her with a carrot? Just saying.

not just a snack

I really did play with the ginger barbie. We would go on adventures in her barbie VW bus. The living room or backyard were regular stops for us.

She had a wardrobe of tiny dresses. I recall dressing and undressing her while getting her ready for barbie parties with her barbie friends. Barbie was the belle of the ball at any occasion.

no name barbie

Did this barbie have a name? Was it simply Barbie (obvious choice)? I had a habit of naming dolls either my name or those of loved ones. I don’t know when I got her or how long she was with me before her feet were completely destroyed.

I imagine at one point she mysteriously disappeared into the trash never to be seen again. You might think this cruel act would damage a young girl forever. I don’t even have a picture to remember her by. insert sad music here

My guess is when the carrot topped barbie was unrecognizable, she was destroyed and I was met with a shiny box holding a new barbie for me to treasure and eventually consume. Problem solved.

lesson learned; new toys rock

I had a steady stream of barbies throughout my younger years. Playing with them until I was a preteen, I saved the ones who remained for a later date.

Not knowing if I would ever have a daughter to pass them to, I was thrilled to give them to Avery when she was old enough (about 2, I think). She never picked up the foot chewing habit so they lasted much longer than in my care.

What toys do you remember from childhood? Did you have one favorite or did you love them all? Do any remain or like me did you eat them? Share your thoughts and stories.





This post was inspired by the weekly writing prompt from Mama Kat

4.) A childhood toy you once loved.

10 thoughts on “barbie memories

  1. Clementine says:

    I never had a Barbie. Ever. I did however have a fabulous yellow metal dump truck with a little lever that actually dumped the sand, mud, dirt, or burro doo-doo that I had loaded into the open back. It was freakin’ Awesome! I loved my dump truck. But not as much as my real pet burro – who eventually stepped on the dump truck and squished it pretty badly.


  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    My cousin and I loved our Barbies! We played with them well into our pre-teen years and still got together at my Grandparents’ house on Sundays to “play” into our first or second year of high school. Of course at that point, playing pretty much consisted of setting up the Dream House, sitting on the floor together talking about boys while dressing the Barbies and combing their hair. We had so many Barbies and clothes and shoes…oh my! Just loved them.

    One of my all-time faves, though, was Benny the Bunny. He actually disintegrated at some point so his passing seems very natural. I have a few photos where he shows up in a corner or something, but that’s about it. He was hand-made out of rags from a gentleman my other Grandmother called “the rag man” which is a concept I still don’t get to this day. But Benny was Awesome.

    I never had a red-haired Barbie. Who was she??? What a rock star!


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