drumming up spirituality

For the past few months, I have been on a spiritual search. So far, the biggest take home message is remaining in the present. As I’m not an island, I prefer interconnection through community.

Whether it is through dance, mermaiding, blogging, working, shopping (it can be extremely spiritual finding that perfect outfit or new shade of lip gloss), I experience spiritual flashes.  A moment out of my head does wonders for a spiritual mindset.

Crystal and me
Crystal and me

new experiences

If the same old stuff isn’t giving me the spiritual edge I desire, it is time to usher in something new. How else am I to discover my next tagline? Seriously, Mimi the lobster queen, cupcake, vamp, angel, zebra princess, burlesque dancer is not enough. There is always room for more.

Recently my friends Crystal and Natasha introduced me to a unique spiritual outlet. These are the same friends who suggested Hootchy Kootchy vintage cabaret dancing (eternal gratitude). Because I completely trust their judgment, I immediately joined in.

drum roll please…

The newest direction for my spiritual expedition is none other than a………………drum circle. As I am not the talented musician type, I didn’t hesitate for an instant. Was it really about music anyway?

Sandy and I shaking the gourd
Sandy and I shaking the gourd

The best way to participate was to have absolutely no expectations and dwell in the moment. Natasha and her husband had oodles of toys (bongos, maracas and other various noise makers) so I was unconcerned about arriving drumless.

shake that gourd

I commenced with a belly dancing drum(?) which was small and light. Keeping time was simple. Smacking the drum hurt my hand after about ten minutes, so I opted for a gourd covered with fishnet and beads that I could shake instead.

The longer I played, the wider my smile grew. Glancing around the room, I was mesmerized by the experience. My heart thumped in time to the rhythm. Shoulders swayed, feet tapped, and the overwhelming sound exploded from about 30 drums.

Except for my friends, I never met anyone else in the room before. All ages and abilities were welcomed into this spiritual haven. Immediately I felt at peace and connected. I realized this was what spirituality should feel like.

tagline please…

Is there a tagline I should add for newly found drum circle lover? Does it matter? The best part was that it wasn’t about my performance/participation. If I chose to cool off chafed hands, the beat continued. I was still included without banging along.

Natasha and Sandy
Natasha and Sandy

The drum circle experience strengthened my conviction that I feel spiritual through collective contribution. Some may scoff the notion of banging drums with a roomful of strangers. Others may emerge from a session with a roaring headache and no added spiritual sense.

I fully understand this isn’t for everyone. The beauty of spirituality is it is not one-size-fits-all.  Not everyone wants to be a mermaid or burlesque dancer either (although I don’t understand why). It’s about finding what brings you joy.

On that note (haha), what activity(ies) brings you a sense of belonging or spirituality? Like me, do you crave shared involvement? Are you an island unto yourself and find spirituality in a solitary setting? Share your thoughts.



2 thoughts on “drumming up spirituality

  1. Meg says:

    Sounds like you had a great time 🙂 I’m more of a an island type. I like being around people but I connect better and get more out of what I need when I am alone.


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