a princess moment

Glitz and glamor is a girls best friend. Is there such a thing as too much sparkle? Lounging on the sofa wearing a sequined hoodie and matching yoga pants, I wonder if I finally crossed the line.

so glam I sweat glitter
so glam I sweat glitter

occasion to sparkle

Must there be a special event in order to bedeck myself in sequins? Back in the bridal days, I regularly told customers tiaras were perfect for any princess moment. Doing dishes, vacuuming the floor (could happen) or any other menial chore becomes splendorous with a dainty crown propped in my hair.

Going out with girlfriends was always ideal tiara time. Whenever the desire hit to glam up, the tiara was worn. Finally it broke from overuse. This seems a much more fitting demise than being forgotten in a box under a bunch of untouched crap.

everyday sparkle

Now I look for other forms of everyday glitz. Why should toddlers be the only ones who can pull off sequins on a regular basis? Those adorable little glitzy sneakers would be sooooo perfect in my dainty size 10 shoe. Just saying.

Am I immature since I love anything that twinkles? (not that I really care what anyone thinks) Sparkly manicures, glimmering mermaid tail, glitter hair spray, iridescent body lotion and shimmery clothes bring me joy. Piling on more luster, makes me even happier.

I have an ever-growing collection of sparkly active wear. Who knew wearing glittery sweatpants could be so glamorous? Days off, or at the gym, wearing sparkle head to toe gives me that princess feeling.

for that princess moment
for that princess moment

Most recently I purchased a shiny satiny silk robe with rhinestones all over the back. I haven’t worn it yet, but plan to add it to my burlesque wardrobe, or perhaps for around the house.

a shiny new robe
a shiny new robe

sparkly attitude

I spent the past month and a half tunneling deep into depression. It’s not something I am proud to share, but I own it all the same. With the new year, comes new opportunities to find joy.

Refusing to give in, I make a conscious effort to let my once sparkling personality shine through. What better way to find joy than remembering the little things (like glitter)?

My good friend Shez noticed my voice sounded lighter the other day while on the phone. No! I’m not sucking down helium (although I wouldn’t put it past me) or using a falsetto to make my voice unnaturally high-pitched.

Through an ongoing search for spirituality, I am (re)discovering fun and light. As my cheerfulness increases, so does the amount of glitter worn. Hmm…I see a correlation happening.

 glitter = happy?

Maybe next time I go into a crazy funk, I will bedazzle everything until I resemble a disco ball. Woot! If it keeps me laughing and enjoying life, I’m good with it. Just call me glitter princess/Mimi the lobster queen/Miss Mimi cupcakes/zebra princess/vamp/etc.

The little glitter princess inside was clawing her way to the surface. I can’t control everything in my surroundings (to my chagrin). I can run my glitter show. Now all I need is a new tiara. Any ideas?

Share the little things that makes you happy. Is it something you wear on the outside like glitter? If the amount of sequins I wear scares you, maybe start with a glittery mani. A little glam can go a long way.

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