amazing multi-tasking benefits of flavored lipgloss

I can’t get enough flavored lipgloss! Does this make me an addict? Is there a twelve-step program for lipgloss addiction? Wonder if my obsession is actually to lipgloss, shopping, the yummy flavors, or all three? Meh. Who cares. When it comes to shine and sparkle, more is definitely better.

berry lipgloss. yum!
berry lipgloss. yum!

My love affair with lipgloss started when I was in elementary school. Bonne Bell was queen and we all carried those fat lip saver tubes in our back pockets. My favorites were watermelon, bubble gum and Dr Pepper (gave a hint of color too).

hopelessly devoted

Some things never change. For the most part, I don’t carry lipgloss in my back pocket anymore. At work, I have a much better solution; a beauty belt. With all those little holes and pockets, there is lots of room to keep several colors/flavors at all times.

When the shimmer is gone and/or flavor runs out, I whip out more gloss and reapply. Gotta stay glossy and pretty all day. I think it drives sales as well, knowing that I am a serious consumer of our lipgloss.


Other than the obvious (glistening kissable lips), there are other amazing benefits to flavored lipgloss.

  • convenient packaging: especially the little squishy tubes that fit so nicely in a pocket or makeup bag.
  • easy application: seriously! I can perfectly apply lipgloss without making a hideous mess out of my face. No lip pencil necessary.
  • readily available: granted, I have an inside edge at my job, but you can find sparkly lipgloss just about anywhere at any price. Beauty Rush (my fave) is 4/$20. I never buy less than four at a time (savvy shopper here).
  • makes gift giving easy: again, who doesn’t love lipgloss? It should be against the law or something! It is too amazingly awesome not to share with my besties.
  • best of all… the flavors!!

lipgloss diet

With yummy tastiness like strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch (sigh), mint, grapefruit, etc. who needs to eat? When I’m craving sweets, I gloss up and lick the sweet flavor off my lips.

I imagine it takes more calories licking stuff off my lips than the trace amounts of ingested gloss. Well! In that case, it is also a form of exercise. The list of benies keeps getting better all the time.

This past holiday season, while everyone else was packing on the pounds from all the baked goodies etc., I actually lost 20 pounds. True some of it was due to stress and being crazy busy, but I attribute much of it to lipgloss.

Yep! With little time to stop and eat, lipgloss provides a great alternative*. My problem (as always) is that I want to go straight to dessert. Vanilla and butterscotch!!

your turn

If you don’t believe me or can’t find yourself dining on a diet of flavored lipgloss, I understand. Like everything, it’s an acquired taste. What is your favorite makeup essential? Like me, can you make a meal of it? Share your thoughts and stories.

berry flavored kisses to you
berry flavored kisses to you

This blog/vlog was inspired (albeit late) by Mama Kat’s weekly vlog prompt. 1.) Tell us about a must have beauty product you happen to be loving. Definitely check out her site and the other awesome bloggers who link up to her weekly.

*Hopefully, you realize I am totally kidding about the lipgloss diet. I figured a disclaimer was a good idea just in case. Although, the weight loss is real…(just sayin’)

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