80’s funkiness revisited

What is it about high school trends that comforts yet repels me at the same time? Teenage years tend to be torturous as a rule. What we wore determined social standing (as it still does) and coolness factor.

high school days
high school days

As an authentic child of the 80’s (graduated 1985 from high school), I distinctly remember freshman year when legwarmers were the rage (barf) and I sported a gold headband in the middle of my forehead. Recently I’ve seen girls walking the mall wearing similar headbands now.

my style back then…

I wasn’t the popular chick, or the dork, prep, jock, or anything like that. I was a “new waver” with super short hair and long bangs that I would rat so they would stay out of my eyes.

I wore mini skirts and big earrings. I loved color; especially makeup. The bolder the better. Hot pink lips and purple eyeshadow paired with bright apricot blush was my going out look. Which company made eyeliner you had to light first so it would melt enough to go onto your eyes? Everyone I knew used it. The result was black heavily lined eyes. Clumpy mascara was perfectly acceptable in the 80’s too.Think back to Pat Benetar or Joan Jet for good examples.

Although my hair was short, I loved wearing headbands. In an effort to be unique, I crafted them from toilet paper. Yes you heard me right. Toilet paper. Maybe it was an effort to shock people or be weird. I always found it amusing whenever I pulled the bow out to blow my nose. (of course, I threw it away after)

more trends than I can remember

This is way before goth. It wasn’t exactly punk either. Boys wore eyeliner and were sometimes prettier than the girls (ie Duran Duran).

I was aware of trends. if I liked them I followed, but I wasn’t obsessed by fashion.  If anyone else did the toilet paper hair tie, more power to them. If I was the only one, it made no difference.

the reality of it

I was as insecure as most other teenagers were. My life wasn’t a never-ending John Hughes movie. I liked to think I was like Samantha in Sixteen Candles, but I was way too shy.

Hard to believe that the vivacious mermaid. zebra princess, burlesque dancer before you was ever shy. Looking back, I don’t see what the big deal was. Maybe I am making up for lost time with my antics now. Eech! I don’t want to over analyze this.

enough serious crap

Admittedly I felt like a teenager while filming. Getting out all the obnoxious eyeshadow colors I usually forgo was a total blast. I may have looked like a clown, but I felt like a rock star.

living in the 80's
living in the 80’s

What high school trends do you miss? Were you a rocker, punk or prep? I’m thinking on my next bad hair day, it will be a good excuse for toilet paper headband. Who will join me?

This post was inspired by the weekly vlog prompt from Mama Kat  5.) A trend from your high school days that you miss.

10 thoughts on “80’s funkiness revisited

  1. Ginny Marie says:

    I graduated in high school in ’87, so I wasn’t that far behind you! What about the colored mascara? I think I had blue mascara to match my blue eye shadow! I also had really short hair, but I never did the toilet paper headband trick. That was all you, I think. 😉


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Yay! No one else seemed to do the toilet paper hair trick. Does that mean I was a trend-setter? Probably not if no one else caught on. I never wore blue mascara but loved green and purple. I completely forgot about that one. Thanks Ginny for the reminder.


  2. Elastamom says:

    I loved the 80s!!! I was obsessed with Madonna and Michael Jackson and their sense of style!

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my “poop” post. Scissors would sure come in handy! 😉


  3. Maureen says:

    OMG I love this! I graduated in ’86 (should have been ’85 but that’s another story) and did the “light the eyeliner” trick. I wore leg warmers with chinese slippers. I was big into concert jersey shirts with 3/4 length sleeves and loved Jordache jeans. I also used to stripe my eyelids in 3 different color shadow. My mother thought I was insane but I thought I was so cool. I wish I had saved some of that stuff. That was a fun ride down memory lane. Thanks for the post! Totally bitchin’.


  4. Naila Moon says:

    Oh teen of the 80’s here too-graduated in 1986. I suppose you could have considered me a prep but in style only, not attitude! I wore blue eye shadow, bright lip stick, black eyeliner and mascara and of course blush. I often had my collar turned up even if I was wearing a sweater over it…or over my shoulders. lol
    Since I loved Michael Jackson then and his family, I also wore mismatched earrings and a key on one of them. Do you remember that?


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Naila, you must have been totally rad in the 80’s (totally) with the eyeshadow and popped collar. I remember layering alligator shirts and popping each one. Mismatched earrings were so in. Don’t remember the key thing, but I might try it now for kicks.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Rain is definitely not good for toilet paper headbands. Maybe one made of saran wrap would be better in bad weather. I love when Sam participates in my posts. He is shy and goofy but loves the camera. Go figure. Thanks for stopping by. M


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