a dash of springtime

The wind howls and the skies darken as we brace for a winter storm. So far this winter has been pretty uneventful out west. I realize the east is stuck in a polar vortex, but it has been bone dry here. Many of us are doing the happy dance in the hope we might ski before winter is over. IMG_2530

feeling the springtime urge

No! Not that kind of urge. I’m cleaning (stop laughing), straightening, rearranging furniture, etc. Otherwise known as nesting, I rid myself of winter blahs by restyling my surroundings.

Speaking of fixing things up…this is a perfect time to add color to my wardrobe. Granted, at work I wear all black. The only thing I tweak there is fabric weight (but enough about work).

Just because it’s overcast and yucky outside, doesn’t mean I have to personally match the weather. Most of my warm and snuggly clothes are in sombre shades. What is a girl to do?

pink and crazy

Recently I attended a party at a local shop, Prism Magic that caters to Burners with my friend Crystal. During our pre-party text convo regarding what to wear, she asked if I wanted hattitude.

Woot! What could possibly warm the spirit more than an amazing hat designed by Crystal? When she mentioned one that was pink and crazy, I knew it had to be mine.

Hello Mimi

I felt as if I walked off the Hello Dolly set the moment pink & crazy was perched on my head. Like a matching set, Crystal wore a sparkly purple Mardi Gras inspired hattitude.

girls with hattitude
girls with hattitude

The clouds parted and the sun shined on us beaming beneath our bonnets. People asked if we were celebrating an occasion. Of course we were. It was Tuesday. As in a princess moment, we craved a sprinkle of springtime during a blustery day.

After the party, we headed to a restaurant for dinner. Of course, the hat only came off for the car ride over as it was too tall to wear while driving. The ray of sunshine followed us into the restaurant as we walked in and were seated.

People gravitated towards us. It doesn’t hurt that we are both tall with huge crazy hats on. I believe it was our engaging demeanor and huge smiles that intrigued others. We owned the night and knew without doubt how spectacular we were.

another springtime dash

Another way I brought a glimpse of Spring is through a makeover. I had an appointment with my good friend Jayme at MAC to experience their new Spring line of product.

Entering with a clean face, I let Jayme blend and polish adding color to my winter pallor.

before makeover boring
before makeover boring

Pastel green and gold shadow adorned my eyes. Apricot blush flushed my cheeks. It is amazing what a bit of coral lipstick can do to brighten the complexion.

When she was done, I absolutely glowed. Again the clouds moved over to let the sun shine on my smiling face. I just love makeovers!

Thanks Jayme for making me pretty
Thanks Jayme for making me pretty

baby it’s still cold outside

Glancing out the window, I notice it is smeared with water droplets. It’s raining in Reno which I hope means snow in the Sierras (fingers and toes crossed). We desperately need more white stuff.

With a full day ahead, I reach into the closet, pull out pink & crazy and my new coral lipstick. They match perfectly with the fleecy fake-fur lined sequined hoodie and cheetah print pajama pants I’m wearing at the moment.

How do you bring a dash of springtime into an otherwise cold and miserable day. Do you hole up and hibernate until it warms up? Are you also a nester? Share your thoughts and stories.

Hello Mimi
Hello Mimi

6 thoughts on “a dash of springtime

  1. Mo says:

    LOVE Hatitude! I believe I’m going go get a little hatitude for myself! Since I quit my retail job, I made a list about 3 pages long of all the projects and cleaning I need to do around here. That should keep me busy for the remainder of this miserable winter. And if you are looking for some white stuff, we have plenty over here in Connecticut to share!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      I would love to share. Still haven’t been skiing this year because there is no snow!!! Luckily the hat and makeover do a good job taking my mind off the fact that we have no snow. Did I mention, we have no snow?? Just saying.

      BTW send me a pic in your hat.


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