indecorous me

I’m all for having a strong vocabulary and search regularly for five dollar words to utter. I guess that makes me a word geek or something. Am I just overwhelmingly pedantic? Funny but I almost never play Scrabble (random, I know)

hubris anyone?

Until today, my favorite $5 word was hubris. What is not to love about being excessively prideful? Hubris is like like the LBD of words. Like a black dress, hubris runs the risk of being slightly completely overused.

Looking back into my blog archives, I found four posts extolling the virtue of hubris. When it comes to leadership, sales, or practically anything at all, some people think they are way better than they actually are.

Because I am constantly evolving, I decided it was time to give hubris a rest and discover a new and improved $5 word (cha-ching). Hmm…what could possibly outdo hubris?? It must be a great descriptive and have pizazz.

welcome indecorous!



not decorous; violating generally accepted standards of good taste or propriety; unseemly.

There is something so irresistibly naughty about indecorous. It makes me feel all warm and giggly inside. It should be easy to create good content around indecorous.

indecorous me
indecorous me

I’m not sure if it is the sound of the word or definition that catches my attention more. Somehow it sounds like it is a piece of jewelry, tasty dessert or article of clothing.

I will have the indecorous pie a la mode.

With synonyms such as indecent, immoral, unladylike, and inappropriate I’m beginning to like it even more. Who would have thought indecorous might actually surpass hubris? How might I use indecorous in a sentence? Let’s see…

  1. People fainted at the sight and sound of her indecorous entrance. adds a bit of intrigue (don’t ya think?)
  2. Why do people find it indecorous that I prefer wearing a mermaid tail to a dress?
  3. “Every young sculptor seems to think that he must give the world some specimen of indecorous womanhood, and call it Eve, Venus, a Nymph, or any name that may apologize for a lack of decent clothing.” ok. that’s actually a quote by Nathanial Hawthorne. But I might have said something similar given the chance.

delicately indecorous

There is a fine line between being indecorous and rude. Priding myself in mild inappropriateness, sometimes I test the boundaries. By the time I say something, my mind is already onto the next thought.

Blame it on a lack of inner monologue if you must. I declare my feelings without reservation. However, I am not mean. I care about you and do not want to hurt your feelings

Words matter. What I consider funny may be completely offensive to you and vice verse. I yap as much as the next person (perhaps more) but appreciate the value of silence.

indecorously dressed

Dressing inappropriately is relative. I consider it perfectly acceptable to parade around in a mermaid tail and bikini top. Granted, I don’t wear these things to work (duh) but on my time, it is my choice.

Is it scandalous to show cleavage? In my case, it is hard to avoid excess boobage. I embrace indecorosity (is that a word?) by swathing myself in low cut tops. By covering the girls completely, I think it makes me look bigger all over.

feeling indecorous?

What is your favorite $5 word? Do you have one that matches the innate charm of hubris or indecorous? Share your most indecorous thoughts and stories.



4 thoughts on “indecorous me

  1. momfeld says:

    Indecorous. There is a word that describes me. I feel complete! Lol! I’m not a vocabulary person. In fact, I’ve got a horrible vocabulary. I like to blame my education, or lack of it. My favorite word of the day isn’t very big. “Snarky.” That seems to be my favorite word for the last week or so. Most likely because I have a teenager and that is the only way to describe her without being indecorous (okay, did I use that in a sentence correctly?).


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