dreaming of you

How do I know if and when I am dreaming? Do most people remember dreams? Sometimes I sense floating on a cloud, but I am awake. Does that count?

dreaming or drooling?
dreaming or drooling?

the shape of dreams

Lollipops unicorns and puppies sing happy songs. Mermaids swim in champagne pools (or maybe it is their breath creating bubbles) while riding giant wild seahorses. Unfortunately, my dreams don’t resemble these scenarios.

My dreams are more like dramatic mysteries. Right before I find out who did it, I wake up. GRRRR…Flopping around attempting to reenter the dream, I wake up further and eventually give up and go pee.

What about those awful dreams where I plummet off a cliff. I wake screaming while my heart beats out of control. I don’t know if I was pushed off a ledge or willingly jumped. Either way, falling is not fun.

Should dreams relate something my conscious mind won’t allow? Dreams are kinda like a whispering glimpse into the unknown. Without paying close attention, I might not see or hear the message. Maybe this is why I rarely remember dreams.

the cast

Who stars in my dreams? I am usually the main player but sometimes I don’t think I am me. Does this make sense? Maybe I am pretending to be someone else. I wonder if these dreams are scenes from previous lives?

Friends, loved ones, or people I am obsessing over (you might or might not know who you are) play supporting roles in my dreams. They act as guides, companions or just show up randomly.

I wonder if like in the movie Inception people can enter and share dreams. How cool would that be?? I loved the scene when Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page sat at a table in a French bistro. She had no idea until he told her that they were in a dream together.

Too bad I don’t dream of Leo DiCaprio. He is adorable and such a great actor. Brad Pitt is another one I’m bummed to say I don’t dream of (well… when I am sleeping I don’t dream of him). Famous people rarely if ever enter my dreams.

deliciously dreamy dreams

Do you ever wake from a dream smiling? Feelings of mushy warm cuddly snuggles or soft kisses left on your lips are a wonderful way to dream. Occasionally this occurs in my dreams. These are the ones I never want to end.

Dreams of a shared sundae or strolling outside while the sun warms warms my skin makes me feel all wiggly jiggly inside. Beach sand between my toes and the calming lilt of water make me smile.

unremembered dreams

Why can’t I vividly remember my dreams? Waking reveries are easily recanted but I don’t remember a single deep sleep dream. Can I force a memory? Do I want to?

If I kept a journal, I could remember dreams. Probably not going to happen as it takes too much effort. If I wake in the night, I pee then settle back to sleep as soon as possible. It would make it increasingly more difficult if I turned on a light and set pen to paper in the middle of the night.

Share your thoughts and ideas of how to remember dreams. Do you find important messages or is it all lollipops and rainbows?

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompt 4.) Describe the most vivid dream you can remember

9 thoughts on “dreaming of you

  1. SwittersB says:

    Ah dreams…most often they evaporate within seconds of awakening. Fleeting, desolving glimpses then poof gone. I do have returning scenes though…some for years, that make me wonder what all that is about. I know them intimately and can retrace my movement through them when even awake. There is something dark and stressful about them. But, beyond that, I relate to your piece…very fun.


  2. carol says:

    Loved your dream post! For the most part I don’t remember my dreams, but when I do, it’s usually a message. However, I do daydream… so I guess that’s good enough!


  3. momfeld says:

    I’ve also thought of writing down my dreams before I forget, but am too lazy. If I can remember when I first wake, I try to share it with someone before I forget. Sometimes, something will happen in my day that will trigger the memory of a dream. I have recurring dreams. Those are totally freaky and weird. I always wonder what they mean. I dreamt the other night that I had to pee and I was frantically looking for a working toilet. When I woke up, I had to go. Urgently. That one happens to me all the time. It’s annoying. I hate it when I have a really good dream and I wake in the middle of it and like you, I try to go back to sleep to continue it. sometimes it works, but usually not. Dreams. What a good conversation starter.


  4. mamaslosinit says:

    I don’t have bad dreams very often anymore, but when I do they sure are terrible. Makes me glad the memory of them can be so fleeting!


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