a spiritual drought

Lately inspiration has been fleeting. I recline in my comfy sofa with good intentions. Thoughts of posts flicker and evaporate. Instead of staying productive, I play on Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest and eventually go to bed without publishing.

hoping for inspiration
hoping for inspiration

what the heck?

Blogging is a spiritual outlet for me. I am content and connected when I post regularly. If this is the case, what does it say that I can’t come up with a decent topic? Am I in a spiritual drought?

I visit my usual haunts for writing prompts and nothing speaks to me. Maybe I should do eeny meeny minee mo and write regardless. By forcing myself to post, am I circumventing the entire spiritual aspect? Erff!

This whole being OK in the present thing doesn’t really work when I am stressed about why I’m not writing. Throughout the journey, I continually face the fact that spirituality unattainable when I am in anxiety mode.

big exhale…start over.

Tonight, I hope to discover inspiration through a good quote. It may not seem romantic or creative, but if I compare a quote to a prompt, it might just do the trick. Goodreads is a decent place to start.

So many quotes to choose from. This might be more complicated than originally thought. Daisy snores quietly by my side as I tap the keyboard. I need a quote that relates well to spirituality and life in general.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
Anaïs Nin

HOW FITTING!!!! If I see myself as a dried up well of uncreativeness; I am. You may be sitting there thinking, “Geez! Don’t be such a whiny pain in the ass.” You also would be correct. It’s all about perspective. In reality, you are probably not giving this a whole lot of thought. I tend to over analyze stuff like this.

get your droughts here

I cannot influence the weather. There are drought conditions whether or not I like it. That is life in the desert. I’m used to it and in all truth I like the dry climate.

I have a preconceived notion that there is something wrong with an uncreative streak. If I adjust my thought process I might see things in a different light. Just because I am currently lacking inspiration, doesn’t mean it will last forever.

taking it a step further

The quote reminds me of the awful attribute of projection. I say awful because it is unfair to assume others believe and react like I do. Stereotypes, biases, bigotry all lend themselves to projection of ideals upon others.

For example, when I went back to school in my thirties, I was terrified of what others saw. Did I appear a washed up (not withered though) old woman who wanted to live life as a 20-something girl?

In the end, I didn’t give a crap what anyone thought. It was most likely all in my head anyway. Graduating in my forties didn’t turn me into someone who was trying too hard holding onto youth. I wanted more from life and elected to achieve it.

what matters now

I am not an old shriveled prune, nor a spring flower. I think more than who I am, it is where I am that matters now.

Suddenly, I am not feeling so uncreative as before. Big smile here. Who are you and where are you going in life? Share your thoughts and stories.

4 thoughts on “a spiritual drought

  1. momfeld says:

    Ugh. I hate the drought. It sucks the life out of me. I also feel like my writing life is over and feel so dejected when inspiration doesn’t strike. Then it does strike and I’m over it as quickly as I fell into it. Funny how that happens. Glad I’m not alone. And good for you going back to school. That takes a lot of guts. Don’t think I could do it.


  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Had a bit of a drought lately myself…but I think it’s mostly because I”ve been channeling all my brain power and energy into dealing with the Real Life crap that has to be dealt with. It’s not all so bad – just all part of life. And at the end of the day, I’m often just too drained to get further than my good intentions for posts. Good to know I’m not the only one who does that!
    Meanwhile, I went back to school as an adult learner and honestly, I liked it – of course, I went at night with all the other “grownups” so it was a whole different mentality than the traditional day students had. I felt like we all had a much more focused approach – there was a purpose behind it that I think many traditional-aged college students just don’t have.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Aren’t creative droughts the worst?? Luckily the mojo is slowly returning.

      When I went back to school, they called me the curve-breaker. I considered it an honor. Now if I could just decide what I want to do when I grow up…


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