that was even more sooo last year than the year before

Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompt 1.) What were you writing about last year at this time? What has changed?

OMG! It’s like deja vu all over again!  Wasn’t it the same time last year I chose this prompt? I briefly considered another prompt about things that make me happy but relented. Looking back into the archives is so much more fun. 429733_10200258528299499_2079170841_n-300x300

a year best forgotten?

Hmmm… Other than being laid off, broke, and full of self-pity,  I got back into the writing habit. April 2013 I published 7 posts (and a couple of VLOGS) whereas in April 2012, I posted 4. Geez! I better get on it if I want to post more than once this month.

While unemployed, I was forced to find things that brought me joy. Blogging is certainly one of my favorite pastimes. My therapist compared blogging to a form of prayer. I couldn’t agree more (yes that was me admitting I’m in therapy. get over it).

Actually, I rather enjoyed my brief stint of unemployment. It gave me the gift of time for reflection, going to the gym, reconnecting with friends and finding new hobbies (ie Hootchy Kootchy dancing).

what did I write about last year?

  • when is it time for change management? Perhaps I was a bit snarky, but I still think it is true. Successful businesses understand their customers. They may change with the times, but remain true to their core competencies. That was me being all businessy.
  • writing more about me  Wow! That was a painful post to write. One thing that scared me most about re-entering the job market was fear of rejection. Through my search for spirituality and eventually landing a job, my fear has lessened but I’m not sure if it will ever really go away altogether.
  • 6 favorite quotes in completely random order Honestly it has been awhile since I watched Princess Bride, Young Frankenstein or Fight Club. I still believe these films are some of the best sources for quotes. I never really plastered my walls with Marilyn’s quote either. I better get on it!
  • being adorable I still love going to the gym but since working, I haven’t gone quite as often (average 3 times per week as opposed to 6 last April). There is nothing as sexy as someone who is smiling and looks like he/she is having fun. Still love singing dancing and all the other stuff. Woot!
  • stolen spoonfuls Still guilty. The other day, my son threatened to hide all the Nutella from me. Really????? still stealing spoonfuls
  • relinquishing control  Looking back, I was already on a spiritual journey. Letting go is so hard to do but when I finally do, it feels liberating.
  • that is so last year Told you I did this last year too! I think this needs to become an annual exercise. It feels good reviewing archives and seeing the results of all the personal growth.

is it really so different?

Realizing my blog themes are similar; circumstances do change. I continually evolve and search for new experiences. I am more self aware than ever in that I now understand why certain things bring me joy and others stress me out.

I really need to get back to the gym more often. The weather is warming up and my bike needs to be ridden as well. I’m finally paying off a tail I ordered last fall and can’t wait to dive into the water and swim swim swim!

Were you blogging last year? If so, what do you find in your archives from last year? Does it still feel relevant or completely dated and so last year? Share your favorite posts or just a quote (if you prefer) from last spring. See how much personal growth you have achieved.

a quote by me from last year’s entry. one of those quotes that don’t need improvement.

I can’t wait for next year’s entry!




3 thoughts on “that was even more sooo last year than the year before

  1. mamaslosinit says:

    Whoa! I’m kind of creeped out by my own prompt brain storming process. How did I really come up with that prompt in the exact same month? Regardless, BOTH of your responses have fully entertained me. I really should try Nutella one of these days! I’m afraid I’ll like it.


  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    This was my favorite thing to read – “My therapist compared blogging to a form of prayer.” I don’t know if I would have consciously come to that conclusion on my own, but your therapist is so right – if I look back at why I started this blog and what I’ve done with it (and what it’s done for me), I think I’d have to agree.
    As for therapy…I think everyone could benefit from a little at some point in life. 🙂


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