10 things I wish someone told me

I wish someone told me…This week’s writing prompt from Mama Kat has me considering what I might change had someone told me. I didn’t take the easy road as I am always up for a mental challenge.

me, but different

Would I be transformed had someone told me what I lack? More likely I would have told the person to politely (or with swear words, which incidentally is my method of choice) to go away?

wish I knew...
wish I knew…

Even if the person was right, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference unless I learned it for myself. Outwardly I seem reasonable and confident, but on the inside I can be insecure.

However, there are things I definitely wish someone told me. I feel a list coming! insert dramatic music here Woot!!

yay! a list of things I wish someone told me…

  1. I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe. I mean really? Am I the only one who has gone to the bathroom only to trail toilet paper behind me? Be a good neighbor and let me know.
  2. my skirt was stuck in my panties or pantyhose. Similar in nature to the toilet paper thing, I have also worn a skirt and got the hem of it caught in my panties. Thank goodness I work out!
  3. my tag was showing. I see a pattern emerging. I must not pay great attention to when I get dressed. Whenever I see a person strolling with her tag sticking out of her top, I always ask her to turn around and let me fix it.
  4. I just stepped in poop. OK. This one has only happened a couple of times, but it was really disgusting when I smeared dog poo on the carpet.
  5. my fly was down. Once I walked around all day with my fly down and panties showing. I’m not sure if the zipper was broken or if I simply forgot to zip up.
  6. my dress or coat is hanging out of the car door while I’m driving. What an awful way to ruin clothes.
  7. I had lipstick on my teeth.  Especially red lipstick. Makes me look like a vampire that just finished feeding. I know the whole stick your thumb in your mouth thing, but sometimes I am in a hurry and forget.

    you can never wear too much red lipstick (even on your teeth)
    you can never wear too much red lipstick (even on your teeth)
  8. I hurt someone’s feelings. I am very sensitive and empathetic, yet sometimes I say/do the wrong thing. Rather than letting your anger boil and fester, tell me so I won’t do it again.
  9. things wouldn’t get easier as I got older. Well, lots of things actually are easier for me because I don’t care about embarrassing myself in the process. Love and heartache never get easier to process.
  10. I am loved. Maybe this one could go in the same catagory as #9. Don’t waste your life and mine by never letting me know. Just because you do, doesn’t mean I know it.

don’t tell me

As far as feedback goes, I am good with it. It is far better to be aware than continue on an incorrect path. Please don’t let it stop with a complaint but show me how to improve.

I am always growing, evolving and learning. Holding my hand isn’t necessary (especially if you have sweaty palms). For more effective results, lead me by example.

What do you wish someone told you? Please share your wishes, thoughts and stories. Like me, do you have numerous problems getting dressed properly? I didn’t even mention toothpaste in the corner of my mouth or deodorant stains on my top. I could go on for days…

11 thoughts on “10 things I wish someone told me

  1. jerralea says:

    Great list! I think we could all be a friend and let someone know about a dressing faux pas.

    I especially like number 10. If someone loves me and never told me, I’d want to know! Of course, I think I do know who loves me, but still … just in case .. let me know!


  2. Achieving Clarity says:

    I know that people hesitate to tell the first half of the list kind of stuff because they fear embarrassment. But–so much better to be embarrassed that way than by traipsing all over the place with your skirt tucked in your pantyhose!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      I totally agree. Seems silly that an observer would be embarrassed because I was walking around with my skirt stuck in my panties. It’s that whole projecting thing. Thanks for commenting and for stopping by. M


  3. momfeld says:

    I sometimes have a problem with forgetting to zipper up. I don’t know what it is. Probably because I lose focus so quickly and get distracted. No one tells me. Nope. Also, I hate it when I have green lettuce in my teeth and people just look at my mouth while I talk and don’t say a darn thing. Then I go to the bathroom and I want to die. Thanks people. I am actually notorious for letting someone know if they have a tag hanging out, food or lipstick on their mouth or hairs hanging off their sweater. I’ve actually been told by friends that they know they can count on me to let them know when they look like a shit show. Isn’t that nice? Funny post!


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