make way for the tickle monster

Am I easily pleased? I like to think I’m at least somewhat low maintenance. Ha! Who am I kidding?

The reality is, I adore pampering myself whenever and wherever possible. Life is so much better when I look and feel my best.

If I had time, and money, I would shower myself in niceties on a regular basis. Some of my favorite things in no particular order are…

  • facials. I used to get one each month. My skin was near flawless when I kept it up. Ah the salad days…
  • shoe shopping. Who doesn’t love getting a new pair of shoes? One of the perils of working retail is I now stick to comfy shoes (shudder).
  • makeovers. Although I know how to wield a make up brush with finesse, there is nothing quite like having my face done by a pro.
  • spa days. These are the best kinds of days. Period.
  • mani’s. This is one thing I refuse to give up. My fingers look so much prettier with a coat of polish and perhaps a fun design.
  • pedi’s. Why stop with the fingers? Sandal season is upon us and keeping my toes sparkly is paramount. Too bad I hate having my feet touched. 

what, what, what???

How can I be a perfectly pampered princess when I cringe at the thought of someone touching my feet? Unfortunately, this little tidbit is true.

Maybe this is why I am drawn to mermaiding. Perhaps I never should have been born with feet, but a long swishy tail. Mermaids don’t need pedicures. Just saying.

no touching the toes

I am extremely ticklish. Is this because I am also an emotionally sensitive being? Were my feet wired incorrectly at birth? Am I the only one with this aversion?

Traumatic memories of being held down and tickled as a child come to mind. Who did it, is way back in suppressed memoryville. I distinctly recall peeing my pants from being tickled.

It’s not so much a phobia as it makes me jump and squirm when my feet are touched in certain places. Only my heels are immune to the tickle monster.

overcoming the tickle monster

Realizing I will never fully outgrow the aversion to having my feet fondled (gross), I learned to suck it up. A little tickle was not going to stop me from keeping my feet maintained.

pampering princess
pampering princess

Whenever a nail tech sees me coming, she shifts uneasily. Pedicures are not relaxing when the client is white knuckling the sides of the pedi chair. Giggles emerge as my reflexes take over. How embarrassing.

Squishing my face into a grimace, I bear down for the massage portion of a pedicure. When the technician pulls my toes, I gasp in hopes she doesn’t notice the tense posture I have taken (good luck with that).

there really is a point to this

Why bore you with tales of a spoiled brat who doesn’t enjoy pedicures but is too vain to forgo them? Wouldn’t that be the easiest choice? Who really notices if my toes are polished and calluses removed?  I DO!

What is a little discomfort if I take pleasure in the end result? There are lots of things I dread doing, but when I’m not actively avoiding them, the sense of accomplishment is greater than the inconvenience involved.

Personal growth happens when I am uncomfortable. Regardless of scowls or strange noises made, I am better off for it.

If abilities are never stretched, I might not possess 2 degrees and/or a mermaid tail. I certainly never would have danced burlesque or picked up a paint brush.

How do you feel about pedi’s? Is it a great stress reliever or inducer? Does the tickle monster rule your day or like me, do you take a deep breath and continue forward regardless? Share your thoughts and stories.

tantalizing pink pedi
tantalizing pink pedi

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