an unspecial birthday

Today is July 31 AKA my birthday. Visions of past birthdays flood my memory. Parties, cake, presents, cake, games, cake, ice cream, cake (hmm…I might be slightly obsessed with the cake). 47 years on the planet = lots of cake.

Shutting  the door on my mid 40’s, I enter the raging party of the late 40’s. No cake so far, but I can always hope.

Another year, another birthday. After I ran out of fingers and toes to count on, I kinda lost track. Who wants to celebrate one more step towards  her own mortality? If it involves cake, I might be interested.

“you are not special”

My first night in Austin, I visited an amazing Tex-Mex restaurant where I overheard a bartender tell a patron these exact words. When I asked why she wasn’t special, he responded just because it was her birthday, didn’t mean she was special.

GEEZ! What a rude awakening. My childhood was centered on the fact that my momentous day was my birthday. Everyone had his/her special day. Perhaps if everyone is special, no one is. As an adult, I am firmly aware Earth doesn’t revolve around my birthday.

Between sips of a jalapeno margarita, I took a mental note of his proclamation. No special attention from that bartender. For the rest of the evening, my colleagues and I continued reminding each other how unspecial we were.

especially unspecial

Today may not hold any particular significance to you. Although, I did find out my birthday is shared with national orgasm day.  Definitely could be worse. Just saying.

Is it necessary to be special in order to celebrate? How about celebrating the fact it’s Thursday? A good hair day is certainly reason to celebrate. A birthday present from me to me was a keratin treatment to remove the ever present frizz. I’m still celebrating that one!

celebrating 47

I don’t feel older. Should I? I don’t act older. Should I? The moment I feel old. I will be. I’ve heard people say that 40 is the new 30. Whatever does that mean anyway?

Last night my kids took me to dinner for my birthday. It felt good just being with them regardless of the occasion. I asked them to take a group selfie and they both declined. So no pic to mark the event.

Tonight I’m continuing the celebration with a few friends over a glass of wine. My birthday may not be special, but the resulting celebration certainly is.

The more I consider the bartender’s comment a few weeks ago, I come to realize he was just bitter. What is wrong with feeling special on my birthday?

To tell the truth, I feel special most days. I have great friends and family. I’m burlesque dancing, zebra princess,  mermaid. What could possibly be better?

especially special

What is your opinion of birthday celebrations? Do you think they are completely overrated? If you believe you are not special, you aren’t. It all starts with you. Share your thoughts.




6 thoughts on “an unspecial birthday

  1. SwittersB says:

    Happy Orgasm Day & Happy Birthday to you beautiful! Hell yes they are special and must be acknowledged by some one as such! So there! And….at your spot in life, I believe it is common to celebrate several days, so look it…the weekend beckons for you Miriam! Sincere Happy Birthday and sweet dreams.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words Switters! I went out with my girlfriends and had loads of fun. Shared an amazing piece of chocolate torte with them as well. Fortunately the bitter bartender I met was still in Austin so I felt very special indeed. M


  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    OMG National Orgasm Day??? Awesome. Who knew?
    Happy belated birthday to you. Our birthdays are one month apart – how cool!
    As for the bartender, that’s just bad professional etiquette. I think you’re probably right that it stems from some bitterness on his part. Birthdays (or any day for that matter) are what you make of them. If you want to whoop it up on your birthday, go for it. My sister spews about her birthday for an entire month. Some years I’m excited about mine; others I nearly forget the date. Maybe it’s about where we are in life at any given birthday. But I like what you said about finding reasons to celebrate, regardless. Some mornings I have a little party if I don’t wake up with achy joints from my RA. All about perspective.
    I hope your birthday was fabulous!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      I swear Lisa, we are so much alike. Many years I kinda forget about my birthday as well. This year seemed like a good one to celebrate. Especially because it was a good hair day.

      Yesterday was National Mermaid Awareness day so the celebrating continued. Woot!!


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