time for a new season

Summer is nearly over. My son begins school next week as a high school junior (geez!) and I am soooo ready for a change of seasons.

Am I the only one who is over it and craves new weather? What a great excuse to buy a new wardrobe? I get the shivers just thinking about pulling out boots to wear after labor day.

buh bye sandals
buh bye sandals

why oh why…

Working in fashion retail means that we sell sweaters in August and swim suits in January. It is important to stay ahead of the season so that by the time it actually hits, I am over it. Hmmm…maybe it’s ADD.

Seeing that Fall is around the corner, I thought it might be a good time to get nostalgic and create a list of what I will miss from summer. Woot woot!! Did somebody say list?

6 things I will miss about summer

  1. sandals. I know there is no hard fast rule about bearing one’s toes after Labor Day, but as the weather chills, sandals get tossed into a box meant for next spring.
  2. maxi dresses. The greatest invention since sliced bread! I love wearing a dress and no one can tell if I forgot to shave my legs (bonus!)
  3. summer scents. Like coconut, pineapple and/or watermelon. Right now I am totally into smelling like a summer fruit basket. Seriously delish!
  4. longer days. I feel so much more productive while the sun is shining. Also, I don’t drive well in the dark (kinda night-blind)
  5. flowers. Living in the high desert, I am accustomed to everything turning brown in the winter. It has its own brand of beauty but there is so much happiness found in blooming roses and such.
  6. mermaid season. Truthfully, every season is mermaid season. Unfortunately, cooler weather makes it difficult to swim and prance about outdoors in a tail. There are always indoor swimming pools…

Now that I am on a roll, why stop the list here? There are probably at least 6 things I wont miss about summer. Hooray! another excuse for a list!!

6 things I wont miss about summer

  1. humidity + heat. Sweaty swamp-like weather is not fun. What it does to my hair is even worse. Maybe it’s my hormones being completely out of whack but I am ready for cooler temps NOW!

    enough said
    enough said
  2. shaving my legs daily. Call me lazy. when legs are covered up by tights or pants, I can usually get by with shaving them once every so often when I remember to do it…
  3. the affect heat has on makeup. I am not overly in love with tons of makeup. When it melts off my face almost instantly, why bother? I like looking professional at work and miss red lipstick and mascara.
  4. allergies. Blooming stuff, and wind create lots of pollen. My poor dog has been scratching herself raw from allergies. Hay fever is almost over and soon it will be time for colds and sinus infections. Woot!
  5. too hot for coats Well, actually not just coats. I also love sweaters, scarves and gloves. Layering up can be fashionable and comforting at the same time. I so miss my hoodies.
  6. teenager sitting on the couch doing nothing all day. i am so grateful school starts next week. I love my son but I’ve had enough of his moping about the house.

tag! you’re it!

What will you miss most about summer? Is it a mixed bag or do you chase the warm weather all year in search of the sun? I love seasons as it feeds on my inability to remain still. Something is always changing.

Share your thoughts, stories and/or lists of best and worst.

This post is inspired by Mama’s Losin It 3.) List 6 things you are going to miss about summer. It’s been way too long since I participated in Mama Kat’s weekly blog prompt. I miss the camaraderie and the great ideas, so without further ado…I’M BACK!!



12 thoughts on “time for a new season

  1. carol says:

    So perfect….the changing seasons help you stay put! Now I know why I need all four seasons. I am in need of constant change, even if it’s in my own little environment. I think autumn is my absolute favorite… anyway now that I am looking forward to it. Like you, I can’t wait to put on sweats and a hoody. There’s something very comforting about it. Your lists made me smile!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Glad you smiled Carol. I love Fall as well. Even though leaves make a mess on the lawn, they are so pretty as they turn red or yellow before joining the heap. I love the slightly cooler temps and the reintroduction of hoodies. M


  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    I love fall. Love love love that weather and all that goes with it. While I love the idea of summer…long, lazy days, no school, extra daylight…I do not love heat and humidity. No thank you.
    I wrote my Mama Kat and totally forgot to publish and link up – thanks for the reminder!


    1. miriamgomberg says:
    2. Anytime Lisa! It’s the first time in awhile I linked up. I just find I’m way happier when posting on a semi-regular basis. Here is to the changing colors and the end of frizzy hair! M


  3. thelatchkeymom says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes – to all twelve! But we can still wear Maxi dresses in fall, no? I always find my self wishing/looking forward to the next season, to the point where I miss the here and now of this season – and they’re going by so much faster now. Such a catch 22. But once the kids are back in school (and mine are) – yes, bring on autumn!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      I see no reason why we can’t decide to wear maxi’s a bit longer than Labor Day. I totally understand what you are saying about thinking about the future. It is a shame not to enjoy what we have when we have it. It’s all part of the continuing spiritual journey I’m taking is to not be so concerned with possible future events. Never thought it also played into my impatience with the seasons. Good Call! thanks for stopping by. M


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