extraordinarily ordinary

3) A blog post inspired by the word: ordinary

This week’s writing prompts from Mama Kat, as usual, brought out the competitive zealot in me. A post inspired by ordinary? Challenge accepted!

First thing I did was (of course) look up ordinary in the Urban Dictionary. I know what ordinary means, but how do I conjure up a post based on it?

normal, boring, regular, bummy, dumb, Lucky
Lucky is an ordinary bum
Wow! Could I have found anything more ordinary to define it? Feeling somewhat deflated, I realized I could do so much better on my own. After all, as a zebra princess, burlesque dancing mermaid, vamp, angel, artiste leader, I am anything but ordinary.

boringly ordinary

Nothing is really wrong with ordinary. At the same time, there might not be anything right with it either. It just is. Kinda like the driveway in front of the house, I rely on it daily to enter the garage. The driveway definitely has purpose. Consisting of ordinary pavers, it is unmoving, unchanging, and well…ordinary.

can you think of a better photo op?
can you think of a better photo op?

Bringing a bit of the extraordinary into the mix, last year when the mustang party ponies visited, they lounged and munched in the front yard. Hanging out in the driveway, I fed them apples (sssshhhh, don’t tell anyone because I don’t think I’m supposed to feed them) and had an amazing photo op on the driveway. Booyah! ordinary driveway; I don’t think so.

If an ordinary boring driveway can be transformed into something splendid, imagine other possibilities?

 hardly ordinary

Consider a little black dress. It is plain, ordinary. yet hardly boring. The right LBD can be worn from work to an evening out just by changing accessories. Zazz it up (I think it’s a word; therefore it is) with a statement necklace and heels and it acts as a canvas for something/someone beautiful.

LBD with zazz
LBD with zazz

An ordinary classic like the LBD is something no woman should be without. If you are like me and wear black to work, most likely you have several to choose from. Ordinarily I choose wrap style dresses as they give me the semblance of a waist, but have been known to wear fitted maxis, a trench coat inspired LBD and other various renditions.

vanilla can be a good flavor

Vanilla often gets a bad wrap. it appears sweet, yet nondescript. Poor ordinary plain old vanilla. Yawn…People compare hum drum uninteresting sex to this colorless ordinary flavor.

French vanilla ice cream is seriously yummy. With little tiny flecks of vanilla bean and that soft vanilla fragrance. Put some chocolate sprinkles on top and I am good to go. 

Is it the French part of vanilla that makes it so delightful or the chocolate sprinkles? Maybe it is my perception that creates excitement. Does it really matter?  I might have to drive to the grocery store and score me a pint before the night is over.

drama-free zombie living

If we have ordinary drive, and lead ordinary lives, do we attract less drama? If so, why? Are we mindless zombies strolling around with drool on our chins? Zombies don’t usually travel with a sense of urgency.

An ordinary zombie day consists of no drama unless it is trying to kill you in order to eat your brain. Ordinary feeding habits of zombies Nothing to think of but eating brains. I don’t want to choose between drama or being a brain munching drooling zombie.

your turn

What is your opinion and/or definition of ordinary? Does it include ice cream (bad girl) or zombies? Do you consider yourself ordinary? If so; why? Share your thoughts and stories.


15 thoughts on “extraordinarily ordinary

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      It’s really cool living in Nevada and experiencing mustangs roaming in the suburbs. One year neighbors put kiddie pools full of water or hay out for them to eat. I’m just thrilled when they trim the lawn.


  1. Tina says:

    Does anyone really think of themselves as ordinary? I certainly don’t, but it’s likely that I am average or typical when it comes to most things.

    Good post!


  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Horses on the lawn? Fabulous!
    Here’s what always makes me go “hmm…”: I love the word “extraordinary.” Think about it. If ordinary is “plain, boring,” and other such thing. Then is extraordinary extra plain and extra boring? Hm.
    I’m pretty ordinary, I think – I like basic black, vanilla, and all the other “regular stuff.” But I don’t necessarily think that’s a negative thing. Basic black, vanilla, etc. are classic, consistent, good foundations. I like that.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Exactly. I never thought about extraordinary as being extra boring but now you got me thinking. I haven’t been outside this year to feed the horses but next time I do, I will think of you Lisa. xo


  3. Chris Treber says:

    Ordinary is brilliant. It’s comfortable. It’s memorable in it’s own way. And I love all that is ordinary about my life. Truly. I love me some ordinary – except for coffee. I must have fancy coffee.


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