feeling a little hormonal

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit off. It’s not a bad mood nor illness that brings me down. It’s probably a case of being hormonal.

am I not supposed to admit this?

Being a woman gives me license to use hormones as a one-stop excuse.

  • cranky attitude = hormonal
    not a gray hair in sight
    not a gray hair in sight
  • a little bloat = hormonal
  • a small case of acne = hormonal
    • honestly this just completely pisses me off. I’m 47 and still suffer from occasional breakouts. REALLY?
  • sleepless nights = Peri-menopausal which I think is another way of saying hormonal

and worst of all………….

dreaded hot flashes

OY! Imagine standing, sitting, or lounging comfortably when suddenly the back of your neck starts to prickle. Uh oh. Here it comes again.

Monstrous unbearable heat rapidly builds as sweat gleams on my forehead and seeps down my back. Moments later I am drenched. The room becomes an oven. Someone stick a fork in me because I’m done.

Until experiencing it for myself, I considered hot flashes an urban myth. No more monthly cycles meant freedom from PMS. I found the only thing worse than PMS is the lack thereof.

another reminder of my mortality

Geez! I entered the mid-late-forties without a wrinkle. That has more to do with genetics than anything else. I am barely touched by the ravages of time yet, under this blonde exterior lays a graying beast who is not ready to see the light of day.

If my adult daughter didn’t look so much like me, I might be able to pass her off as a sister niece. Who am I kidding? Sounds like someone in denial.

I don’t mind getting older and/or watching my children become adults. It’s all part of the process. Gray can be covered, and wrinkles can be avoided with proper skincare.

it’s just this whole hormonal hot flashy thing that is so miserable. Maybe I should travel with one of those miniature battery operated fans to cool off. Envisioning snow might help. Maybe hypnosis or meditation will do the trick.

The kicker is, my doctor informed me these symptoms might last for y-e-a-r-sssss, Maybe I will just move up into a snow cave and wait it out. Blech.

your turn

Are you one of those who never suffered from being hormonal? Lucky! Or, like me, do you crave a woman cave of your own? Share your thoughts and stories.






2 thoughts on “feeling a little hormonal

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Some tell me I’m far too young (at 44) to be experiencing any of this, but I am totally convinced that I’ve entered the peri-menopause phase. And yes, my doc tells me it could be a good ten years – she actually said TEN until this is all through. All I could come up with was a solid WTF as a response to that theory. The nighttime sweats are the thing that get me most. Hate it. And my Hub is a hotbox so the bed is already warmer than would make me happy. Makes for a whole lot of wardrobe changes during the course of a night!
    I feel you, sister. Hang in there! Let’s instead focus on our non-wrinkles and lack of gray hair!


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