ingredients of an adventure

Who enjoys being bored? Same old, same old, same old…YAWN.

I dread feeling static and continually crave excitement. Perhaps this makes me an adventurer.

What exactly is an adventure? Is it the opposite of routine? For some reason, visions of Adventureland at Disneyland comes to mind. Does this mean adventures require travel or can I have one at home while snuggling up with my dog?

Being a firm believer in making my own rules, i determine what constitutes an adventure. So…what are the perfect ingredients for an adventure? OOOH! I feel a list coming. Woot!

 makings of an adventure

  1. a mission/goal/objective (you get it). Is the goal to have fun, go to the grocery store, create a blogpost out of thin air? It’s all part of an adventure.
    remembering a hairbrained adventure
    remembering a harebrained adventure
  2. something untried or untested. Something as simple as walking instead of driving, or tea instead of coffee. The adventure might also be scary or dangerous.
  3. gain something new. The newly gained something can be swag, treasures at a garage sale, or a bruise or bump on the head. If it’s new, it’s an adventure.
  4. no fear allowed! Seriously! It isn’t an adventure if I wimp out. Part of what makes it a thrill is sucking up the fear and doing it anyway.

adventures remembered

I’ve done a lot, seen a lot and experienced lots of varied adventures. Why not create another adventurous list showcasing some of my faves?

  1. Being an exchange student on four different occasions.
  2. Opening and operating a small business for 15 years.
  3. Having and raising 2 kids
  4. Going back to school in my mid thirties (OK, it was really my mid-late-thirties, but who is counting)
  5. Discovering my inner mermaid and letting her swim.
  6. Dancing burlesque and performing a solo
  7. Getting up each day, in order to face the world and make a difference.

Surely there are more possible adventure tales but it’s late, I’m tired and ready to begin an adventure in sleep. Is that even possible? Maybe just falling asleep and staying asleep will be the adventure. Lately, I’ve been adventuring into insomnia (but that is a different stream of consciousness altogether).

tag! you’re it!!

What adventures have you had lately? Do any of them involve school, mermaids or kids? Just saying. Please share your favorite ingredients for the perfect adventure.

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompt 2.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: adventure. Kat is seriously the bomb and I strongly suggest you make an adventure out of it and check out her blog.

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