back to school tips

The other day I was perusing Mama Kat’s blog when I stumbled upon a 30 day vlog challenge. Did someone say challenge?? Grr.

get on the bus. mom needs more wine
get on the bus. mom needs more wine

I can’t remember the last time I posted a vlog. It must be like years and years or maybe it’s just months. Either way, it was time to get up, dust off the camera and get to it.

The first prompt was for back to school. Geez. My daughter is a college graduate and my son is a junior in high school. At this point, he pretty much just shows up and gets to work.

back to mom

Just because I don’t have to race around buying pencils like they are going out of style, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy back to school as much as any other mom. In fact, I probably enjoy it more!

In reality, I work full time so I have to save the wine for either my days off or after work.

What does your back to school look like? Join me with a glass of wine (red or white is all good) and tell me all about it. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “back to school tips

  1. @suzeink says:

    Mim — long time. Miss you.

    I’m a mom to my dogs, now to my mother, and to the men in my life. No kids of my own, lucky for them I’m sure (not for lack of want).

    So this ole cowgirl found a hobby I’m in love with. Learning any which way I can. So it’s an old back-to-school lady here and I’ll never stop. It’s one passion that keeps on giving.

    I love my new pencil box. There’s a good joke on the cover: “Lack of curiosity killed that cat.”


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