betsy bear #blogboost day 8

I just love holidays. Just in case you didn’t know, October 7 is officially take your teddy bear to work day. Unfortunately I missed this tidbit until I was home for the evening and changed into jammies.

Take your teddy to work day is good a reason as any to celebrate. A couple weeks ago was talk like a pirate day, and my favorite is August 1, AKA national mermaid awareness day.

Back to the subject at hand…

who’s my teddy?

As a child, I was very much into dolls. Barbies and baby dolls were everywhere in my room. There was also a collection of various stuffed animals, one of which was a teddy bear.

The story was this bear was the first stuffed animal given to me as an infant. Her name was/is Betsy Bear. At one point she had a working music box inside her with a key located right above the tush. My guess it played “teddy bear picnic

Betsy had two light brown glass eyes and no nose or mouth. She wore a lime green dress which most likely was a hand-me-down from a baby doll. The brown fur covering Betsy was worn thin in places as she slept by my side for countless years.

comfort of a teddy bear

On a mad dash, I searched the house for remnants of Betsy. Believing I gave her to Avery in her youth, there was a chance (albeit a slim one) the bear would turn up in her room.

Like me, Avery is/was a doll lover and shelves in her room are lined with toys, dolls and animals. I found a Hello Kitty (also one of my faves), several random stuffed toys and at least one teddy bear; but no Betsy.

Perhaps she is hiding in a box of stuffed toys in the garage, waiting to be found. It is more likely she was donated or thrown out because of her tattered appearance. At this point I am left only with the memories. In the end, isn’t that all there is anyway?

who’s your teddy?

Did you celebrate national bring your teddy bear to work day? Like me, was it a total miss? Did you have a teddy bear growing up? What was he/she named and what do you believe ever happened to your teddy? Share your thoughts and stories.

This post was inspired by the Ultimate Blog Challenge

found this teddy bear. maybe I will take it to work tomorrow.
found this teddy bear. maybe I will take it to work tomorrow.

Day 8. Check out some of the other amazing bloggers who are participating. Better yet, join in the fun. It’s never too late.

4 thoughts on “betsy bear #blogboost day 8

  1. dishonfj says:

    Like you I didn’t take my Teddy to work, but I drive my son’s Teddies around all day, until I pick him up from school. My teddy is just called Teddy, she is a white bear of about 40 years old and she still sits on my bed. However I still think about some of my other teddies and wonder where did they end up, I just have faint memories of them now.
    I enjoyed reading your blog post and reading about Betsy Bear.


  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Hm, I had no idea there even was such a thing. My bear of choice would have been a bunny…Benny the Bunny. I had him as a child until he literally fell apart. He was made from fabric scraps and my Grandmother got him from “the rag man” who sold…fabrics? rags? Something. He was awesome. I have him in a few photos as he went everywhere with me. At some point, he was just beyond repair and died a natural bunny death.


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