just the dessert

I love dessert. When asked if salty or sweet is preferred, I answer a resounding YES! Do I really have to choose between them?

please pass the salt

Popcorn has always been one of my favorite desserts. Popping little bites of crunchy deliciousness into my mouth one at a time is completely irresistible.

Being a bit off, I prefer lightly charring the popcorn in the pan. Perhaps this is born from a deep seated aversion to sharing a bowl of popcorn with anyone else. Taking my time, I can munch through a potful and the thought of other people’s fingers in the bowl gives me shivers.

With a proper upbringing, Dad always used his grandmother’s special popcorn saucepan for the perfect batch every time. Just the right amount of oil, unpopped corn and heat. Even someone who hates cooking (raise your hand!!) can do this.

Keeping up with different fads, we tried the air-pop variety for awhile. Yuck. It tasted like Styrofoam and the crunch was all wrong. Salt wouldn’t stick to it unless the popcorn was bathed in butter. There goes the low fat health benefits.

icing on top please

sharing a piece of birthday bonding
sharing a piece of birthday bonding

Now to the sweeter variety of dessert. As an equal opportunity eater, I also love something sweet. Any cake, souffle, or pie will do nicely. Cookies also work in a pinch.

The more icing or frosting (are they the same thing?) the better. I can honestly sit and eat a jar of frosting by itself. It sounds gross, but in practice tastes pretty good.

That also goes for raw cookie dough. Whoever invented chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream deserved a Nobel prize. Combining these two wondrous ingredients causes the heavens to part and angels to sing.

Quoting Willy Wonka, “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.”

Sweet liqueur is the best of both worlds. Limoncello, Frangelico, Grand Marnier (heated of course), or port add to the perfect dessert. Enjoying a glass of any of these with a piece of cake makes my mouth and tummy smile. Talk about icing on top…

time for dessert

Dessert creates ideal bonding time. Sharing (with a fork or spoon) a slice of Tiramisu can induce intimacy, romance or both.

Dessert can also be a lonely endeavor. Overwhelming sadness is temporarily cured by uncomplicated sweetness. A fresh carton of ice cream conjures feelings of comfort.

Who hasn’t cried her heart out over  ice cream? It’s probably more of a girl thing, but it does constitute a rite of passage for the heartbroken.

your just dessert

What is your favorite dessert? Like me, do you enjoy both salty and/or sweet? Do you avoid dessert altogether? Share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “just the dessert

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    I am not much of a dessert person at all, actually. Probably because I don’t really have a sweet tooth. Now, a fat tooth? A cheesy tooth? A salty tooth? Yes, indeed. But sweet doesn’t do it for me.
    Love the photo, by the way – you look GORGEOUS!


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