popping bubbles

Geez. I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post. I think it’s a new record. Truth is, writing is a great escape from daily tedium. If blogging brings me joy, what up with the avoidance behavior?


Sure, I’ve been busy at work. The culmination of everything retailers work for is about to begin. Thanksgiving is in a few days and then BOOM! Everyone begins the mad dash to the mall.

I rarely watch television, so I can’t say it’s due to bingewatching this past month. Great books on Audible took some of my spare time. Currently, I’m listening to a book and reading another. Not sure how I keep them straight, but that is a different story.

The sad truth is, it’s all a bunch of lame excuses. Sometimes I think of a great idea for a post, then when I sit down to write, something else grabs my attention. Squirrel…

the void

Time for a reality check and an admission of guilt. Instead of finding joy and connection, I’ve been mindlessly playing stupid games on my phone. It’s kinda embarrassing sitting in silence, popping bubbles.

Solitaire has always been my go to mind numbing game. I am quite adept at speed playing an can win a game in about one minute. That’s bad enough, but wait…it gets worse.

Recently I downloaded a game where the goal is to pop bubbles before they drop to the bottom of the screen. Sounds simple and it is.

Wake up in the morning, pee, get back in bed and pop some bubbles. Time to toast waffles for Sam. pop pop pop while the toaster heats up.

The bus is coming, pop pop. He gets on the bus and goes to school, pop pop pop pop pop.

Last week I spent at least four hours on the sofa unable/unwilling to move while I popped bubbles. It was a day off and it was almost completely wasted on this ridiculous game.

enough already

Finally taking a stand, I deleted the game. No biggie. Actually I remained busy for the remainder of the day. Still, I didn’t write, but at least I wasn’t popping bubbles any longer.

What was the impetus for this melancholy endeavor? When I asked myself (and honestly someone else too) I wanted to know why I was hiding.

It is unlike me to sit for hours vegetating. There can be downtime, but this was completely unnerving. Am I slipping into a funk? Is there anything I can do? Pro action is infinitely better than popping bubbles.

tiny bubbles down the drain

After a brief moment of introspection, I realized the best way to avoid emptiness is to replace it with spiritual moments. Ya know, activities such as blogging, painting, mermaiding, etc.


Which brings me back to the original question of why haven’t I posted in a month? Does it really matter? Should I spend the next few weeks pondering the possibilities?

Instead, I think it is time to pick up the laptop, and find the joy.

4 thoughts on “popping bubbles

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Hey, welcome back! I’ve been right exactly in that place you describe. It happens. Best thing to do is just saddle up and ride.


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