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It’s been way too long since hooking up with Mama Kat on her weekly writing prompt. Each week, I receive the email, peruse the options, consider which one speaks to me, then deftly forget the whole thing.
This week, I just had to participate. No more excuses. As I love researching quotes, prompt #1 Share a quote you love, called me out of the shadows.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

― Marilyn Monroe

I love it when someone sums up my beliefs in a tidy little quote. There is that A-ha moment when I feel connected with the author. Through this connection, I find strength of character.

Marilyn could be my BFF

Perfectly imperfect, is a state I strive for. A little madness keeps things interesting. Boring is great for the…well…. if you like monotony. Vibrant colors appeal to me.

I could totally see her as a mermaid (just saying). Her tail would be sparkly and pink.  Did she ever play a mermaid on film? i don’t think so, but I bet she would have if given the chance. Perhaps I should depict Marilyn Monroe as a mermaid in my next painting.

sparkle plenty

Champagne, diamonds, and other sparkly things, make me happy. It is not the acquisition but glittery glitz itself is a joy to behold. Sparkle is transient in that it dazzles while it reflects light and is muted in the dark.

sparkling in a jaunty beret
sparkling in a jaunty beret

I wonder if Marilyn sparkled when no one was looking or if she faded into the shadows when the lights dimmed. Hmm…There is a thought.

a ridiculous nature

Don’t mistake a silly persona for a complete ditz. Marilyn was famous for her dumb blonde roles. Underneath the exterior was an intelligent woman.

Similarly, I embrace the ridiculous. Being a vamp, angel, mermaid, zebra princess, is perfect practice for not taking myself too seriously. Why not wear a tail, laugh loudly, sing badly and celebrate my humanity?

I can be plenty serious when I put on the leadership hat and get to work. Although I am a determined business woman, there is still room for laughter and fun. If you aren’t enjoying it, you are doing it wrong.

so much more

Marilyn was so much more than the actress we saw on the screen. Choosing just one quote that I love from her was truly difficult. She articulated what others (including me) feel/felt. That is a gift she left behind.

What quotes do you love? Like me, do you find droplets of wisdom from the blonde goddess? Are you more classic and value Aristotle or Some other ancient guy wearing a toga? Share your thoughts, stores, and a quote that you love.

more Marilyn quotes just in case you wanted even more of her amazing quotes.


9 thoughts on “a quote I love

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me says:

    Your first paragraph sounds a whole lot like how I handle Kat’s prompts. I always mean well and then….pfft. Sad.
    Happy holidays to you!


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